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In the eyes of a statistical driver, Volvo is synonymous with safety, comfort and functionality. The once angular costs, created almost from the set square, have been replaced with a new design. The first model to introduce Volvo into the new era was the S60 / V60, competing with the BMW 3 and Audi A4 for the customer. We have already presented the classic body - the S60 sedan - on This time we present the V60 in the CrossCountry AWD off-road version.

Slight differences

The most universal variation of the V60 hit the market a few months ago. The manufacturer gave it a much higher ground clearance , underbody covers and eye-catching plastic covers for wheel arches, bumpers and doors . The distinguishing feature of the CrossCountry version are especially prominent bumpers - the rear one is enriched with a meaningful inscription with the model name.

After opening the doors, we get wide access to the front seats - optionally covered with leather upholstery and electrically adjustable and heated . Behind the leather steering wheel are the digital clocks typical of Volvo, which also show the on-board computer and navigation display. The top point of the central console was reserved for a relatively small, color screen responsible for navigation, radio, multimedia system and television ( TV tuner costs PLN 4,500 ). Below, only the seemingly unreadable thicket of buttons is grouped - after a short familiarization, everything turns out to be very simple and intuitive to control. At this point, it is worth mentioning a sinful audio system branded by Harman & Kardon , costing a reasonable PLN 4,000 - it will satisfy many music lovers.


In the case of the Volvo V60 , there is no question of low-quality workmanship and assembly. All materials are solidly fitted, even on a bumpy road, nothing squeaks or knocks. The interior of the V60 is not without its flaws, however. The only thing we managed to find - apart from a small 430-liter trunk - is a small amount of legroom in the rear seat. Nevertheless, two adults should not complain too much.

Immortal 2.4 D diesel

In the V60 catalog, we can find one of the last five-cylinder engines . The original design of the Swedish D4 engineers, with a capacity of 2.4 liters in the described variant, generates 181 HP and 420 Nm , transmitting power to four wheels via a classic six-speed automatic . Before deciding to buy, however, we must accept the relatively high fuel consumption - for diesel, of course. In the city, fuel consumption easily exceeds 9 liters per 100 km . Outside the built-up area, the V60 D4 consumes a little less, even when traveling calmly, fuel consumption will hardly fall below 7.5 liters . Well, that's the charm of a Volvo diesel. In return, he repays with a phenomenal gang and enormous vitality .

The AWD all-wheel drive available on the V60 CrossCountry, with the help of numerous electronic systems, provides a very high level of active safety. And the automatic transmission only facilitates driving with a caravan weighing a maximum of 2000 kg .

The Volvo V60 CrossCountry D4 AWD will perform much better in everyday life than the powerful S60 T6 with front-wheel drive. Soft suspension settings allow for comfortable overcoming all kinds of unevenness. The basic version of the V60 CrossCountry D4 AWD costs PLN 194 thousand , for the presented configuration you have to pay PLN 250 thousand .

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