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For many decades, Swedish car manufacturers were famous for their indestructible turbocharged gasoline engines and their great concern for the safety of passengers . To date, Volvo's approach has not changed (the other Swedish brand - Saab - is struggling with huge problems), and the new Chinese owner of the brand has a lot to do with it.

Cars with supercharged gasoline engines, contrary to appearances, are an excellent alternative to vehicles with diesel units. They not only offer more power and torque , but also emit much less harmful substances into the atmosphere . In the Volvo model range, apart from SUVs and regular station wagons, the S60 model is also suitable for us - caravanning enthusiasts. This classic sedan of the middle class, despite the less practical body, works exceptionally well during summer trips.

As befits the Swedish brand, the S60 received a more than a subdued look. Only the optional "R Design" styling package , which in this case also heralds the top-of-the-line powertrain, is the only thing that destroys the calm, smooth lines. The optional bi-xenon headlamps working in conjunction with LED daytime running lights perform excellently.

Safety and comfort

In the case of Volvo, there is not much to say about the cockpit - it looks the same in almost every model. The operation of the on-board systems is very simple and intuitive . Inside, we have two-zone air conditioning, a sunroof (optional), a multimedia center with navigation and Internet access, as well as an excellent Harman & Kardon audio system . A whole army of active systems cares about our safety. In city traffic, we will appreciate the Blind Spot Monitoring System (BLIS) and the low speed anti-knock system (if necessary, the car will stop in front of an obstacle, even if the driver does not react). During monotonous driving, for example on highways, we will use the lane change assistant - the system, thanks to sensors and cameras under the mirrors, detects the lines dividing the lanes, if we run into them without activating the indicator, we will meet with an immediate reaction ( steering wheel shake ). The interior of the S60 will comfortably accommodate four adults with 380 liters of luggage .


A supercharged gasoline engine

Under the hood of the S60 T6, the latest incarnation is a two-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine - mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission . 306 HP and 400 Nm are enough for efficient towing of a trailer weighing a maximum of 2030 kg . Interestingly, fuel consumption is not scary. In urban traffic, the result is around 12 liters , while on the road, even at the maximum permissible motorway speed, we will not exceed 8.5 liters per 100 km . When towing a trailer, we will use about 9-10 liters .

Volvo S60 T6 requires an investment of at least PLN 175,000 (the presented configuration is valued at PLN 243,000 ). We can safely do without the styling package and the completely impractical 19-inch alloy wheels, then the price will remain below the competitive BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

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