How to transport bikes by car?

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The holiday season is slowly coming to an end, but this does not mean that it is not worth considering buying accessories that will also be useful during short weekend trips - and above all, next year's holidays. More and more people, not only caravanning enthusiasts, decide to spend their free time as actively as possible.

One of the forms of relaxation is the intensive sightseeing of the surrounding monuments. Sports is equally popular. Cycling is an interesting proposition for both the elderly and very active people. Riding on two wheels driven only by the strength of our muscles, unlike running, does not burden the joints and the spine. At the same time, taking care of physical fitness, we can admire little-known areas from a bicycle saddle.

The problem arises just before the planned departure. Many drivers wonder how best to transport their bikes . There are at least several answers to this question, a lot depends on our preferences and expectations.

Let's start with the most popular form of bicycle transport - on the roof . Almost every passenger car is adapted to the installation of a roof rack , in specialized stores we can easily buy transverse beams of renowned brands and gutters used to immobilize the bicycle on the roof in a vertical position. The base rack, depending on the car model, is valued at about PLN 300-500 , and the gutters that guarantee a secure grip of the bike while driving, cost nearly PLN 300 per piece . Of course, we can easily get cheap substitutes of mediocre quality . Carrying bikes on the roof, however, has several serious drawbacks. The biggest of them is clearly higher fuel consumption , caused by the air resistance of the bikes themselves. It should also not be forgotten that we will not enter underground parking lots with bicycles on the roof.

An alternative is the transport of bicycles on the trunk lid . By investing 300-600 PLN, we will buy a universal mount, which will be adjusted to both the sedan, station wagon and hatchback in a few minutes. Due to construction limitations, we will transport a maximum of two bikes in this way. To make matters worse, after placing the bikes in the holders , we will not be able to open the trunk . On the other hand, the bikes will not create any additional air resistance while riding.

Another solution completely excludes towing a caravan for a simple reason. are very popular. Thanks to them, we can easily transport 4-5 bikes without fear of higher fuel consumption. However, we must remember to move the rear license plate to the place intended for it on the platform - the plate must be perfectly visible. Before setting off on the road, you should also connect the additional lighting that the transport platform must have - the standard lights of the car will be obstructed by bicycles. Such a set costs around PLN 800 .

When choosing accessories for transporting bicycles, we must follow our own requirements and expectations. When planning the transport of bicycles and towing a trailer at the same time, you should take a look at the roof rack. If the most important thing for us is efficient overcoming several hundred kilometers of routes and low fuel consumption, consider transporting bikes on the trunk lid or on the hook.

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