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Off-road vehicles are certainly the best choice for towing a heavy caravan. Strong drive units, durable mechanics and resistance to the hardships of operation - thanks to this, driving with a trailer and a full load is not a problem. There are not many real off-road vehicles on the market, mounted on a rigid frame. In addition to the very expensive Mercedes G, Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruser, another model is available. Ssangyong Rextron.

The Ssangyong brand has been trying to roll up the European market for many years, offering quite interesting constructions. The flagship model of the brand - Rextron has been in production since 2001 , of course, it underwent several symbolic modernizations over the years. Without a doubt, its greatest advantage is its technical relationship with Mercedes , it comes from the entire power transmission mechanism, including the automatic transmission.

Invariably for fourteen years

Since 2001, the Rextron has visually changed slightly, in the latest version, the manufacturer focused on modern lighting with LED daytime running lights and several new colors. To the surprise of users, the body of the model produced in Korea has been perfectly protected against corrosion , even the oldest copies have no problems with it. To emphasize the dignified character of the Rextron, all trim levels receive numerous chrome accessories - for us, however, the most important thing is the solid roof rails .

An interior from a different era

Ssangyong Rextron is different in every way, the malicious will say: outdated. It is possible, it can be seen especially in the interior - here time stopped in the 90s. After taking your place on a spacious, extremely comfortable electrically adjustable seat, you will see a dashboard made of cheap and hard plastic. The analog clocks are perfectly legible, and surprisingly, even for an additional fee, we will not get an on-board computer . Just a curiosity. The central panel hides automatic air conditioning as well as a factory radio or multimedia center, which we will get in every supermarket with electronics.

On the other hand, it is enough to enter the Rextron interior to forget about its archaic structure. There is plenty of space in the first and second row of seats, the journey is made more pleasant by the efficient sound system and the silence prevailing in the cabin. The only voices of dissatisfaction may come from the passengers of the third row of seats - only children can sit comfortably on the two seats that can be conveniently folded into the trunk. After folding them, we get a huge cargo space.

Two-liter diesel automat and 4x4 drive

Such a set works in the top model of the brand. A few years ago, the Rextron was powered by the 2, 7 CDI diesel known from Mercedes, which had considerable power and even more torque. Unfortunately, the Koreans decided to use a proprietary engine. Therefore, a four-cylinder diesel engine with 150 HP and 360 Nm was placed under the hood. Power goes to the rear axle as standard via an automatic five-speed transmission . Surprisingly, such a set works quite well. Both urban driving, overcoming routes and even towing a trailer ( with a curb weight of up to 2,500 kg with an overrun brake ) is not a challenge for him. Regardless of the conditions of use, however, we must prepare for the consumption of diesel fuel oscillating around 9-12 liters per 100 km , which is in line with the typical values in this class.

Indeed, the Ssangyong Rextron has a lot of flaws and quality shortcomings in the interior, but by paying only part of the price of the Toyota Land Cruser , we get an equally functional and brave off-road car. By spending about PLN 120,000, we will leave the showroom with a fully equipped version .

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