Buying a used motorhome - what should you pay attention to?

Buying a used motorhome - what should you pay attention to? – main image

The purchase of virtually any vehicle, new or used, requires a lot of knowledge and free time needed to make the right decision. Especially the choice of usually expensive motorhome is associated with a lot of stress and financial burden for many years of its use. No wonder that before finalizing the purchase transaction, we should take a close look at a given copy - this way we will avoid serious, costly defects.

Initial inspection

At the very beginning of the motorhome inspection, it is worth taking a look at the documentation at the disposal of the current owner. The serial numbers recorded in the registration document must agree with the facts , otherwise let's look for another motorhome. In the absence of a service history, we should be more stringent, it is worth spending more time inspecting the entire vehicle. Nowadays, "creating" a new service book is not a problem. Any gaps or errors in official documents may turn out to be a big problem in the future.

Chassis, chassis and engine

Always ready for use, a motorhome seems to be the dream of every enthusiast of long journeys. No wonder then that the technical condition of the mechanical and structural components of a mobile home is of great importance.

At the very beginning, we should carefully inspect the camper's chassis - a rusty frame means disqualification . We will also see possible traces of sheet metal repairs and operational damage there.

It is worth starting the test of the drive unit by looking for leaks from the engine and gearbox (the driveshafts and rubber hoses also need to be checked) - gentle sweating is not a problem - it is still a long way to the appearance of a serious fault. Only later can we go for a test drive, during which other features of the vehicle will be revealed. The condition of the clutch, the work of the gearbox, play in the suspension and the quality of the shock absorption must attract our attention. While driving, we should check the indications of the clocks - undulating idle speed, or too high engine temperature herald problems to come.

Sheathing, internal installations and upholstery

The visual condition of the camper and its interior is a proof of the care that the previous owner had for it . Numerous dents, scratches and similar damage to the car body make you think. Nevertheless, it is the condition of the interior - furniture and upholstery - that says the most about the intensity of use and keeping things clean, for example. When looking at the interior of the motorhome , look for scratches, cracks in the furniture, non-original screws and accessories . In addition, let's check the condition of the floor in every place - if it bends or springs under our weight, it heralds a costly replacement of damaged or decayed plywood.

The worn, well-worn or sewn upholstery at home does not reflect the motorhome very well. Next, we should look for traces of moisture, leaks and leaks from the installation in the cabin . Thoroughly examining all the cupboards and the smallest nooks and crannies with the flashlight in hand is almost mandatory. Thanks to this, we will verify the owner's assurances about the good condition of the vehicle. Removing leaks or damage to water or gas installations will mean considerable expenses. For this reason, we need a few hours to check them in practice - preferably with an assistant.

When buying a motorhome, we take into account the considerable costs of its maintenance, including the necessary service activities and other fees. In the case of used copies, the risk of hitting the proverbial mine is really high. However, we can limit them by properly preparing for the search.

Maciej Mokwiński
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