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Planning a vacation is a major logistical undertaking. Many people are eagerly waiting for a two-week trip. After all, vacation is the moment when you can leave your home, change the climate, forget about work and duties. Regardless of whether we are going on a trip abroad or staying in Poland, vacation is always associated with high expectations. We are anxiously analyzing the weather forecasts, looking for attractions and carefully checking the place of accommodation. There is one priority - resting.

Lazy or active

There are as many ideas for a good rest as there are people who are resting. From lazily basking in the sun, through visiting tourist spots, to spending time actively. The latter offers a whole range of possibilities - from mountain trekking, through sailing and windsurfing. Regardless of what you intend to do during your vacation, you should be well prepared for it. In addition to fitness, sunscreen and maps, you need to take care of insurance "just in case".

Prudent always….

When going abroad, you must have a Health Insurance Card with you, which ensures reimbursement of basic health services. However, it is good not to rely only on the NFZ offer and to additionally insure yourself for a relatively small amount. The basic offer of companies is insurance against medical expenses. It covers the costs of hospital treatment, which is very expensive in some countries. Such protection will help in the case of both emergency treatment of diseases and serious operations. This is one of those elements that should not be saved. It is also worth insuring against accidents and civil liability. The latter is especially important when we cause (or our children) harm to other people. The policy secures the claims of the aggrieved parties. If we are going to the mountains or to the seaside, it is worth taking out search and rescue insurance.

In addition, we can insure ourselves against various unpleasant and unforeseen situations such as flight delay or loss of luggage. The policy will allow us to buy the necessary things. It is also good to think about the property that we leave behind. Home Insurance will protect you against the effects of the destructive power of the elements, but also against burglary and theft. At this point, the policy will cover the costs of lost or damaged multimedia equipment, household appliances, furniture, jewelery or works of art.

Insurance companies offer whole packages of services that we can adapt to our capabilities and preferences, but it is worth remembering that it is not worth saving on insurance. And most of all, you have to have them.


We have created the CampRest portal for people who value freedom and travel on their own.

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