How to light a fire in a different way than usual?

How to light a fire in a different way than usual? – main image

During the stay at the campsite, sooner or later we will definitely want to have a barbecue or organize an atmospheric evening by the fire. While the former is not a major problem, and we will have the materials needed to prepare the grill with us, lighting a fire requires a bit more preparation. First of all, we cannot afford them everywhere. Besides, unskilful attempts to start a fire can end up burning out all the matches, finishing the gas in the lighter and severely straining our patience. Meanwhile, half of the success lies in good quality kindling, which we can make ourselves.

A self-made kindling

We can think about preparing fire starters long before going to the campsite, for example while walking in the woods. We can collect some cones, which, after drying and pouring with wax, will be the perfect material for a fire - an effective kindling, and intensely fragrant. Another idea is to use baking paper. We also pour wax over it, and when it dries, we cut it into small pieces.

The next concept requires a bit more work, but it will be used for many trips. We need a wrapper for eggs, sawdust and, of course, wax. We pour it over the sawdust and stuff it tightly into each cavity, getting - depending on the size of the package - from 6 to 10 individual kindling. All you have to do is cut them out of the packaging and it's ready. Bags tightly filled with shredder paper can also be used as kindling - simple and very ingenious.

The fire itself can be built in the shape of a teepee or in a cross style. The first one will then constitute an intense, centralized source of heat (ideal when you want to cook something), while the second, constructed from alternately arranged branches, will give off heat for a long time. It will provide us with a romantic evening in the open air , without the need to constantly add to the fire.

Evening by the fire

If we stay at a campsite located in a national park, we can buy wood directly on site . It is always worth asking the park's information office in advance about the regulations regarding the use of branches lying near the tent or motorhome. It is not uncommon to be able to buy wood in order to prevent the picking of branches, as they are an important part of the ecosystem and should not be used as fire material.

It is a wise idea to keep a container of water nearby. Thanks to this, we will have full control over the fire (especially in the event of a strong gust of wind). It is important to extinguish the fire completely before going to bed or leaving the campsite. Sand should not be used for this purpose, because it can only suppress the fire, which will continue to smolder for several hours after we leave or fall asleep.


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