How to operate the control panel in the motorhome

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The motorhome is equipped with many devices that are absent in a classic passenger car, such as the control panel. When we go on a trip with such a car for the first time, it would be good to have a basic knowledge of how to use the equipment in the car.

Don't worry - these aren't complicated things. With the guide we have prepared together with CarGO , you will surely handle it!

What is the control panel in the motorhome for?

You will find a small monitor near the entrance door in the residential part of the motorhome. This is the control panel, also known as the central control panel. Thanks to it, you can control the operation of the batteries, i.e. the current with a voltage of 12 V and the level of clean and gray water in the tanks.


The panels in different vehicles may differ from each other, but usually it allows you to turn on or off the electrical system, water pump and control of the parking heater. Some panels also include parking air conditioning control and other indicators.

A game of colors

We start by turning on the control panel. The green signal by the control lamps is a sign that the devices and receivers are working properly. If there are device malfunctions or a failure, we are informed about it by the red color. This means that a specific item needs to be checked.


The reason for the red LED lighting up may be, for example, too low charge of the house battery. This is a tip to connect the car to 230 V electricity or start the car engine. The red light next to the pictogram with the indication of clean water will inform you that its level is too low.

A red flashing “gray” water tank pictogram indicates that the water tank will be full soon. An orange signal means that the device is working.

External power supply

After connecting the car to the 230 V network, the panel will display information that the car is using external power. When parked, it is recommended to use an external 220 V power supply and such built-in sockets. This saves the power of the batteries.


While driving, 230 V, the receivers are powered by an inverter connected to the battery. It is extremely important to respect the power limit of the inverter. If we attach a device with a higher power to it, then one has to take into account the destruction of one or the other (or both). If we use the inverter when parked, we can expect the battery to be discharged, and therefore no electricity, e.g. in the refrigerator.

To see how to operate the control panel in the motorhome, see the following video prepared by CarGO.


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