How to sunbathe reasonably?

How to sunbathe reasonably? – main image

Most of us associate appetizing golden skin with holidays and beautiful weather. However, it is not uncommon for us to come back from vacation with painful burns and our skin starts to peel off. Where did we go wrong?

Holidays are fast approaching, and thus the time of holidays and trips. Many of us already see ourselves with the eyes of our imagination on the beach, where we blissfully expose ourselves to the sun's rays. But you have to remember that sunbathing is one of the things you should do wisely. Otherwise, the skin will quickly take revenge on us for neglect - it will burn and hurt, blisters and erythema will appear on it.

From a medical point of view, there is no concept of "healthy tanning" because intense sunlight is harmful to our skin. However, on vacation, many try not to think about it. Vacationers work on their tan, wanting to impress their friends when they return to work. Besides, summer is the time of year when it is difficult to avoid the sun. So how to properly care for the skin to add a golden color at the same time and not to harm it?

Moderation above all

Every year, dermatologists call for the use of protective cosmetics with an appropriate filter - at the beginning, it is best to buy a cream with a filter of at least SPF 30 . If we go to the mountains, in addition to the cream with SPF 50, we should take a cap with a visor, a handkerchief or a hat. Otherwise, we may come back with burns to the head, arms or nose. The headgear should be especially remembered by men with baldness.

As for people who spend their holidays by the water, some of them believe that it is enough to apply cream in the morning before going to the beach. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. If we intend to spend the whole day or most of it by the water, we should apply the cream to the skin every 2 hours. Ultimately, every 3-4, if we really want to quickly catch a tan. It is wise to get your skin used to the sun by starting tanning in the afternoon. Then the emission of the rays is less intense and the skin gets used to them slowly, as a result of gaining color without burns.

Sun for skin problems?

Many people are happy about summer not only because they go on vacation and can take a break from work and everyday duties. The warm months are for them a period when their skin problems disappear. However, this is a deceptive impression, because with the passing of summer, the changes on the skin reappear and even intensify. The reason for this is very easy to explain - the sebaceous glands produce sebum, "catching up" due to heat shrinkage.

A person suffering from acne (rosacea or classic acne) should not use tanning oils because they are too greasy for them. People with this type of skin problems will definitely benefit from special pharmacy creams.

We should not avoid after sun creams as well. The skin will be relieved especially by those with the addition of panthenol, which soothes burns.


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