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Imagine a frosty evening and the wind howling outside the window, while we, safely hidden from the cold, drink hot chocolate. It not only warms you up quickly, but also puts you in a good mood, especially if it's Swiss chocolate.

Versoix is a Swiss resort located near Geneva, famous for its chocolate factory. Thermophilic people will probably not like it - every few years this part of Lake Geneva's coast (right bank) is taken over by a strong wind. Like the breath of the Snow Queen, it blows everything it encounters on its way, creating unusual shapes in the ice and stopping time. The sight of frosty streets and objects is beautiful, but some people prefer to see it only in photos while drinking chocolate and sitting under a warm blanket.

Warming up activities in a cold city

Versoix is located in the Swiss canton of the same name. It is an ideal starting point both thanks to its location (at the foot of the Jura Mountains, with a view of the Alpine peaks and Mont Blanc), and good communication with neighboring resorts.

Tourists visiting the city have many opportunities to spend time - whether it is relaxing or devoting themselves to sports activities. The Sports & Wellness Center awaits them, as well as the Versoix Sports Center , offering, among others, tennis courts (indoor and outdoor), petanque, swimming pool and football, basketball and beach volleyball courts.

Another place worth recommending is the Country Club Geneva , where you can play tennis, golf and squash, swim in the pool or take part in fitness training. There is an ice rink in the city from November to February.

Lovers of walks will also be satisfied with their stay in Versoix - they will surely be delighted with the landscapes seen while hiking around the lake or along the river.

Chocolate Versoix

How will we warm up in winter after a day of sightseeing? Of course, hot chocolate. The Favarger factory is located in Versoix and is open to visitors on working days. It can be visited on guided tours booked 48 hours in advance. During the trip, tourists have the opportunity to learn about the history of the factory (film screening), and then follow the process of making chocolate - from cocoa beans to the finished bar. The duration of the trip is approximately 1.5 hours.

The cost of the ticket is CHF 25 for an adult and CHF 15 for a child up to 15 years of age. The minimum travel fee is CHF 200. Due to the presence of dangerous devices on the factory premises, it can be visited by children at least 10 years old.

Favarger also organizes a chocolate workshop lasting approx. 2 hours. The cost of participation is CHF 75, and the group cannot exceed 6 people. The age of participants must be at least 10 years.

The annual celebration of chocolate

Chocolate plays a very important role in Versoix. Every year, the city organizes a holiday in her honor - Festival du Chocolat . In 2015, it was held for the 11th time, and lasted on March 21-22. Confectionery masters from Switzerland, Belgium and France competed in the Salon de Artisan.

During the festival, there were workshops for children, intended for young artists and those who want to become one. For the price of CHF 5, the little ones could meet the big star - Marc-André Cartier himself took part in the festival.

The next festival will take place on March 12-13, 2016 .

Camping overlooking Versoix

TCS Camping Genève - Vésenaz is located on the other side of Lake Geneva in Vésenaz . It offers guests accommodation in a peaceful and quiet place, surrounded by nature. One day of stay for an adult costs 12-17 CHF, a child aged 6-15 - from 6 to 8.50 CHF. The fee for a place for a camper or a tent is CHF 22-30. The campsite is located approx. 6 km from Geneva.

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate drunk by the shore of the largest lake in the Alps and Western Europe. We invite you to Versoix, the town of the Snow Queen.

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