RV holidays and coronavirus

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Recently, when there is a great stir across Europe regarding the spreading COVID-19 virus, many people ask us where to plan a vacation .

Everyone wonders whether to go to Italy, or to Spain or Egypt ...

I will not answer this question to anyone at this point, because it is not known what the situation will be in July and August, when children start their school break and whole families go on vacation.

Decide at the last minute where you will go

From my own experience, however, I know that a very convenient vacation option in such a situation is a camper trip because even on the day of departure, we can decide where we will go .

You can keep an eye on the situation all over Europe, make an initial plan A, B and even C and plan various alternatives. Exactly the same as in the case of bad weather. If we plan a trip to Tuscany, where it is forecasting huge rainfall and low temperature, and in neighboring Croatia it will be much more pleasant, then we simply turn the campervan near Villach in Austria and choose a new destination.

Additional advantages of traveling in a motorhome during the prevailing coronavirus

You have to remember that the virus spreads by airborne droplets. The easiest way to explain the fact that infected people with this virus spread its particles through coughing and sneezing, and only when such a molecule enters the body of another person, infection occurs.

Of course, virus particles may be on some objects with which the sick person has come into contact, but you certainly will not get sick by crossing the borders of the country where the cases were created.

When driving our own or rented motorhome, we are locked in our own surroundings all the time and we do not expose ourselves to the possibility of infection, as is the case with public transport (planes, buses ...).

In fact, during the trip we will be just as safe in our own car, but in the case of a motorhome, we also live in it and cook in it. We do not have to use public toilets and we can also limit direct contact with other people.

Even when staying at a campground, we spend most of our time outdoors and do not have to eat lunch indoors with hundreds of other people, as is the case in hotels.

A motorhome from the rental company

You have to bear in mind that many RV rental companies ozone their motorhomes after each rental and they are free of bacteria and viruses before the next release.

If you decide to rent a campervan, we recommend you to use our campervan rental search engine, which often includes some interesting special offers.

All rentals that we recommend are checked by us and it is a guarantee of a safe and professional rental, so there is no question of canceling the motorhome at the last minute due to some failure.

Professional rentals always have some campers up their sleeve and even if one breaks down, they will arrange another vehicle.

First camper trip

If you are just starting your adventure with caravanning and you are wondering how to prepare for it and where to sleep in a motorhome, I recommend buying our guide "Your first motorhome trip" or our original motorhome routes in the form of eBooks at www.gdziekamperem.pl

The above publications will teach you how to plan your trip, how to plan a motorhome route and what to take on your first trip.


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