Typical faults of caravans - check before you buy

Typical faults of caravans - check before you buy – main image

In the case of caravans, most buyers follow some of the same rules as when choosing a car. When deciding on a brand new product, we can be sure of the clean history of the equipment as well as a guarantee. Unfortunately - not all of us can afford an expense exceeding even PLN 100,000 .

The aftermarket comes to the rescue, offering trailers for practically every budget. By using second-hand offers, we can not only save a significant amount, but - against our will - find an extremely worn-out copy with numerous defects typical for caravans.

Visual control

Years of use almost always leave a mark on the trailer body panels. Scratches, dents , and sometimes even tears in the skin testify to the approach of the previous owner and the care he had for the caravan. Therefore, we should start the inspection with a thorough inspection of the condition of all panels, joints, seals, windows and decorative strips - repairing this type of damage is never cheap. If in the past the trailer has undergone any sheet metal repairs or some of its elements have been replaced, then with a little self-denial, we should recognize the area of specialist intervention. In the future, carelessly performed repairs will force us to rebuild .

Let's check the interior

Most of us decide to buy a caravan only after we have positively assessed the interior and the operation of the on-board systems . We should start the inspection of the interior of the caravan similarly to the case of the car body. First of all, it is worth taking a look at the upholstery - worn-out seats, satiated or damp mattresses immediately reveal the rich past of a given copy. While the upholstery elements are easy to replace , worn or scratched furniture is not. We must check the correct operation of the opening cabinets, the condition of the hinges , and look for any damaged surfaces - scratches or chipped edges. Even minor leaks in the bodywork can lead to serious damage to the interior in the long run. Moisture in the cabin degrades not only the wooden finish , because the electrical installation will also suffer, so let's look for signs of mold, fungus and stains.

Equipment and traction

While inside, you should also pay attention to the operation of electrics and equipment . We will check the lighting or audiovisual systems (if the trailer has them) in a few moments. We will equally efficiently verify the condition of the refrigerator, gas stove, heating and water installation (in this case, it is worth looking for any leaks both in various corners of the trailer and under it). The impeccable appearance of the load-bearing elements, drawbar and trailer suspension should also be in our interest. Traces of rust herald expenses related to the necessary maintenance , as well as not very favorable winter conditions for the trailer. The technical condition of the chassis and braking system has an obvious impact on the safety of driving with a trailer.

Caravans, like any equipment, are subject to wear and tear. When buying a trailer that is several or a dozen years old, we must take into account the typical faults that we will have to deal with.

Maciej Mokwiński
Maciej Mokwiński

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