First trip to Lithuania

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Our first trip to Lithuania.

Report written "on my knee" so I apologize in advance for typos and twisted tasks. I haven't fixed anything, it's just like I saw it in 2005.

June 24, 2005 - the weather is beautiful, it has been hot for a few days, the next weather forecasts do not announce any changes, so just go on a trip ...

Around 8 am we set off in a 10-year-old Fiat Cienquecento towards the Polish-Lithuanian border. Around 11.00 we were already at the border crossing in Ogrodniki. We were surprised to enter the border crossing where there were no queues or many armed border guards ... as it is seen on the Polish-Belarusian border. We covered the crossing without getting out of the car, everything took about 1 minute and we are already on the Lithuanian side.


We continue towards Vilnius.
On the way, we visit an ethnographic park with a rather interesting building

Several dozen kilometers further we reach an amazing place - Gruto Parkas
It is a park with several hectares of memorabilia from the communist era. Monuments to the leaders of the revolution and leaders of communist Lithuania were collected from all over Lithuania. I cannot count how many positions Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky are presented in. Next to each monument there is a photo and a description of where it stood and on what square. Of course, the largest one is from Vilnius J. During the tour, we come across barbed wires and observation towers. Revolutionary music is constantly being served from the barkers, encouraging you to work. From a car with a large yellow tank, you can buy very good, slightly chilled Kvass. In small houses, costumes from that period are presented, propaganda films are displayed, posters, school rooms and libraries are displayed. Simply a must visit place !!
On our way out, we encounter the path of evolution reflected in concrete:
First there are bare footprints reflected,
Then shoes,
Then UAZ protector
And finally, Gaza 66.
And that's where the evolution ended.


The little Fiacik CC 700 performed great. No failure, we just flew Dujos and off we go. Even though she is 10 years old.
Greetings and welcome to Lithuania
Agnieszka and Stefan

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The Baltic States are my favorite place on earth. My life is full of travel, adventure and spontaneity

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