November long weekend…. Well, maybe not that long, but enough to come to the Czech Republic. Camper cars packed - this time we are going in a team in various configurations - gusts from 1 to 4 :). On Friday afternoon we manage to break through the crowded Polish roads and after two hours of slow driving we can finally straighten our bones on Czech roads - of course within a reasonable speed range, because you know how the more police like us. We avoid the highways and huddle in the mountains - it's a pity that after dark, but at least on the roads, total emptiness - as it happens in the Czech Republic after dark :) After a few hours of driving we drive to the parking lot at Bouzov Castle - admittedly, the navigation wanted to carry our cars stairs, but we were stubborn and chose the road nonetheless. Probably thanks to this we met a Czech camper who, as it turned out, was also headed to the same place. As it is off-season, the parking lot is empty - we do not complain - there will be more space for us. There is a path leading from the parking lot to the castle - but today we will not look there anymore, we go down it to the village (you will have to go back up later - I wonder if there will be someone willing for a ride :) In the evening, only a restaurant / pub in the hotel is open in the village of emptiness. It's gonna be dinner. We sit down comfortably and take the menu - it is somewhat thin (special for the weekend). We look more closely - and there are goose meat in ten ways - and that's all they have on the menu - it's a shame about the thread dinner. We are content only with drinks and we trek back uphill. In the parking lot it turns out that another friend has arrived…. A little drizzle…. Tomorrow will be another day…. Islanding (after the rain lulled us to sleep, and in the morning it greeted us with drumming on the roof), driven among the drops to the castle ( ). We're knocking on its gates…. You can come to 11, because now, after the season, we only show you around sometimes - ok, we'll be content with a cup of coffee / tea in a restaurant. Eleven o'clock struck open this time. We buy tickets (120 CZK in season) and enter the courtyard. There, the guide greets us, introduces us to the castle, tells us what is allowed and what is not :) and we devote ourselves to an hour-long tour. And what we saw and could pass on (no photos are allowed inside) we will show below…. After sightseeing, we go to the capital in a triple package. This time, riding down the hills provides more experiences than yesterday - we know where we are going. We decided to avoid toll roads, and our navigations have divergent suggestions (as is usually the case), we also manage to puncture narrow country paths before we hit the Prague bypass (crossed vignette) and after driving a dozen kilometers, enter the island where our camping is located (Caravan Camping Císařská Louka). A nice place with a nice view of the city. In a straight line to the Charles Bridge about 4 km. However, to get to the city you have to either swim to the other side :) or take tram 14 and after 20 minutes come to Vaclavskie Namesti. The most convenient way is to buy a 24-hour ticket (110 CZK) for all means of transport around Prague and you can go crazy around the city…. which we will check soon


Right away, we decide to conquer the city. It is a 10-minute walk to the tram stop, we have tickets - bought at the campground. After half an hour of driving, we are already in the center, so a walk around the city, some dinner, the Charles Bridge ... Of course, Prague also lives at night, crowds everywhere, but nevertheless it creates the atmosphere of this city. It charmed us so much that it went down to midnight. It's time to come back, because Prague is the most beautiful during the day :)

After a night spent at the campsite in the company of a dozen campers of various colors and nationalities, it's time for Praga during the day. The weather does not spoil with visibility and sun, but we will not give up. We already know the route, so a walk to the tram (tickets are available 24 hours), but this time, after changes, we end up somewhere at the foot of the Petrin hill. A moment of walk and we stand in line for the queue that is supposed to take us to its top (same tickets are valid). At the top, visiting the park, the tower and the labyrinth with mirrors - queues everywhere :) Then a walk to Hradčany. The leaves are slightly frozen, so be careful, oh you have to. Prague appears to us sleepily shrouded in fog. In Prague, it is extremely empty (it was difficult to squeeze through it in summer), and now we can take a leisurely walk, take photos, without the hustle and bustle - although gentlemen, as always vigilant :) The majestic cathedral - the queue goes smoothly though long. Take a look at the Golden Lane again - look at the price list - we'll give ourselves…. We will go down for a walk admiring the panorama of the city (gardens below, but this is not the time of the year). There is a bit of a way to the center - it was supposed to be the metro, but today it is closed - so for a change there is a bus. A faster walk will be useful for warming up - after all, we have an appointment for an hour…. One second passes and we are still waiting on the market, cold…. At least we'll watch the clock again…. We will see soap bubbles and other wonders - just this dude .... They are finally there, they are :) Run to the tower…. And a panorama from above And then only to a warm camper :)

We are already coming back from Prague. I hope that next time it will provide us with better weather :) We manage to leave the city after dark. This time we are heading more northwest. We want to add a place for sure. However, the search for accommodation is still crawling to nothing. We're going and we're going and nothing makes sense. We are almost reaching the Polish border - from here it will be only a stone's throw in the morning :) Where we slept, I cannot reveal, because it is top secret and top secret. We thought it was a parking lot under the hotel, but it turned out that we woke up at point 6, with a gentle knock on the door ... As it was too early to wake up - the first parking lot in front of the store was ours :) Only rohliki and we go towards the border - triple border. We park at the border building and take a path (5-10 minutes walk) among the trees to reach the Tri-junction. (this is our third - Kremenaros is still left - we've almost been on it, or at least we've seen it, because those on the river don't count :) It's easy to get to the Czech Republic and Poland via a bridge - you can even jump over it. There are paths everywhere, a few information boards, and even though today, on November 11, the new face of the Tripoint looks like this….


The donkey puts hooves here and there…. he just travels the world. We travel in a small camper, if we can get there by car - we will get there, if not - we will try it on foot. Our trips are not boring, we have some more or less adventure almost every day. We get to know landscapes, monuments, people, and then we describe it on the blog with a pinch of humor ...

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