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In Scandinavia - Denmark

ORESUND - COPEHAGA - HELSINGOR - SORO. ROUTE 200 km. We start our tour of Denmark from Copenhagen, which can be reached almost directly from the bridge over the Oresund. Copenhagen obtained city rights in the mid-thirteenth century, although the city had already existed 100 years earlier. Copenhagen is a city of bicycles, there are here and, as we shall see, in Denmark, probably millions. Wherever you look, there are two circles. There are even separate lanes for them. Traveling around the city on two wheels is certainly easier than on four wheels. Wherever you look, bikes to the right, left or in front of you everywhere. Not surprisingly, many streets are pedestrianized.

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ROUTE 150 km. Nourished with a solid breakfast at our lovely hosts, we continue our journey. The further away from Krosno the snow flashes in places. We go to Rymanów, more specifically to Zdrój :), where winter shows its claws more and more. It seems to be in the plus of 8 degrees, but the snow and ice are at their best here - you have to be careful where and how you tread. We cut to Komancza via Szczawne. A picturesque road on gentle hills, so we do not complain about the lack of views. We know Szczawne, Komańcza, Cisna from the summer season, now we are just passing through to find ourselves in real hills as soon as possible. This is not the case as soon as possible, because already in Komańcza, slush begins to accumulate on the roads, and the more you go to the east. Above 700 m, there is already regular snow with specific ruts on the road. It's good that we are on winter tires. We reach the first pass behind Cisna. We get to the parking lot, but not too deep, because there is practically no car traffic - we passed 3 from Cisna. We make a cup of coffee, something sweet, and here, as if from Marszałkowska, everyone broke off - every minute a car is squeezed into a currently small (not snow-free) parking lot. Okay, then we'll check what attracts them all here - a wonderful panorama :).

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GRYBÓW - ROPA - FLOWER - SMEREKOWIEC - GŁADYSZÓW - MAŁASTOWSKA PASS - BARTNE - FOLUSZ - JASŁO. ROUTE 200 km. You can also camp in winter. Some mountains have not hurt anyone yet. As there is a long way to the Bieszczady Mountains, we stop for the night in Mszana Dolna in the parking lot behind the Commune Office near the church, from where we head east in the morning. Before Nowy Sącz, we can admire the panorama of the Tatra Mountains - the visibility is quite good, the so-called "las palmas" shines :).

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IDEA FOR A WEEKEND - at the seaside part 2

MRZEŻYNO - DŹWIRZYNO - KOŁOBRZEG - SEA LAND - GĄSKI - SARBINOWO - MIELNO. ROUTE 100 Km. Mrzeżyno, Dźwirzyno - similar names also - the beach as far as the eye can see. In Mrzeżyno there is a monument with a commemorative plaque dedicated to Poland's wedding to the Baltic on March 17, 1945. And while driving further we climbed some dunes :) But people do not live by the beaches alone - sometimes you will find the city on the route - today Kołobrzeg goes to the wallpaper. We left the car in the port and wandered along the coast. We also met a yellow camper on a tinplate on Polish registrations (unmarked). We will not go to Bornholm - we wanted to go to the sea, but I think there aren't any other people. The port, the lighthouse, the promenade, the pier - there are already crowds here. Similarly, towards the east, behind the pier, where there is a traffic path along the sea. Kamienny Szaniec - currently a pub - we will certainly not be counted among the walruses, so we are getting away from here. There are hotels behind the campsite - we checked the price list - a double room on New Year's Eve only 3000 PLN: D After Ustronie Morskie, we stuck on the way to Wenietów. Although, looking around the area, we entered the military area, until the road was still made of plates, we were going quite fairly. However, right in front of the river, we stopped in front of the driveway and…. we turned back even though there was still signage to some campground (real?). We wanted to shorten the way to Gąski (it was on the paper map), but for the first time we trusted GPS, which stubbornly said "turn back" - so we came back. We got to Gąski on a not very interesting road - (through Kładno) a narrow, full of holes rather not recommended. There is a lantern and omnipresent silence. Sarbinowo is definitely bigger and more "civilized", especially when it comes to roads :) Mielno is quiet at this time of the year. We walk around the promenade, excuse me, the promenade :) on the beach, and then to Lake Jamno. KOSZALIN - SŁAWNO-SŁUPSK In Koszalin, we park in a free car park (54.192069.16.178188) very close to the city center - near the brewery and the historic fire brigade building. First we go to the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Koszalin town hall tightly covered - renovation is in full swing.

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IDEA FOR A WEEKEND - at the seaside part 1

PUSTKOWO - DZIWNÓWEK - DZIWNÓW - INTERWODZIE - MIĘDZYZDROJE - LUBIN - WAPNICA - WOLIN ROUTE 140km. Finding a place to stay by the sea in winter… quite an art. It worked in Pustków. It surprised us a lot when we turned there from the main road - and here a fabulously lit town. Departure, unfortunately, not a camper, which after a few trips with luggage to the room, we regret a bit, but it's cold brrr, so you have to sacrifice yourself :) The weather, unfortunately, is not good since the morning it is pouring, so we bloom in the room. In the morning it only rains so we set off on a cruise. West direction today. We start with Dziwnówek. He's practically a living spirit, but there is a sea, at least we'll say hello to him.

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BOUZOV - PRAHA 215 km. November long weekend…. Well, maybe not that long, but enough to come to the Czech Republic. Camper cars packed - this time we are going in a team in various configurations - gusts from 1 to 4 :). On Friday afternoon we manage to break through the crowded Polish roads and after two hours of slow driving we can finally straighten our bones on Czech roads - of course within a reasonable speed range, because you know how the more police like us. We avoid the highways and huddle in the mountains - it's a pity that after dark, but at least on the roads, total emptiness - as it happens in the Czech Republic after dark :) After a few hours of driving we drive to the parking lot at Bouzov Castle - admittedly, the navigation wanted to carry our cars stairs, but we were stubborn and chose the road nonetheless. Probably thanks to this we met a Czech camper who, as it turned out, was also headed to the same place. As it is off-season, the parking lot is empty - we do not complain - there will be more space for us. There is a path leading from the parking lot to the castle - but today we will not look there anymore, we go down it to the village (you will have to go back up later - I wonder if there will be someone willing for a ride :) In the evening, only a restaurant / pub in the hotel is open in the village of emptiness. It's gonna be dinner. We sit down comfortably and take the menu - it is somewhat thin (special for the weekend). We look more closely - and there are goose meat in ten ways - and that's all they have on the menu - it's a shame about the thread dinner. We are content only with drinks and we trek back uphill. In the parking lot it turns out that another friend has arrived…. A little drizzle…. Tomorrow will be another day…. Islanding (after the rain lulled us to sleep, and in the morning it greeted us with drumming on the roof), driven among the drops to the castle ( ). We're knocking on its gates…. You can come to 11, because now, after the season, we only show you around sometimes - ok, we'll be content with a cup of coffee / tea in a restaurant. Eleven o'clock struck open this time. We buy tickets (120 CZK in season) and enter the courtyard. There, the guide greets us, introduces us to the castle, tells us what is allowed and what is not :) and we devote ourselves to an hour-long tour. And what we saw and could pass on (no photos are allowed inside) we will show below…. After sightseeing, we go to the capital in a triple package. This time, riding down the hills provides more experiences than yesterday - we know where we are going. We decided to avoid toll roads, and our navigations have divergent suggestions (as is usually the case), we also manage to puncture narrow country paths before we hit the Prague bypass (crossed vignette) and after driving a dozen kilometers, enter the island where our camping is located (Caravan Camping Císařská Louka). A nice place with a nice view of the city. In a straight line to the Charles Bridge about 4 km. However, to get to the city you have to either swim to the other side :) or take tram 14 and after 20 minutes come to Vaclavskie Namesti. The most convenient way is to buy a 24-hour ticket (110 CZK) for all means of transport around Prague and you can go crazy around the city…. which we will check soon.

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We have a week off and a total of 9 days - something has to be done with such a beautifully promising free time. We planned to go to Croatia, but eventually decided to go there during the holidays. There was an Italian idea around the coast, but definitely not enough time. That is why we finally decided to go to the Alps. Everything is packed - here we go. We pass through the Czech Republic, and we cross the border with Austria in the small town of Reinthal - near Breclav (note the passage is only below 3.5T). Driving along side lanes is so different from the main roads. Calm down, there is no traffic and small towns have their own charm. We reach the main road from Mikulov. At the first possible station, we buy a vignette - as we continue to enter the motorway, which is getting closer to the Czech border every day. We often pass through Vienna, but always along the ring road. This time we decided to devote a little more time to it. A small donkey, therefore, after making a round along the beautiful, blue Danube, we park in the vicinity of the city park and go for a walk along the Viennese streets.

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We can choose the road along the Spanish coast - that is, another sunbathing on quite crowded beaches in this area, or just or, a drive through Andorra. We do not think for a long time because we already know the coast a bit, and we have never been to Andorra, and the weather is not very suitable for sunbathing today. It is quite cloudy and stormy, and apart from nature and mountains, Andorra also tempts with prices of fuel, camping and other products. We haven't ventured so deep into Spain yet - and the weather in the mountains seems to be better. Yes it was definitely a good idea. There were no problems with entering Andorra from Spain - they looked at the passports and asked for nothing. Abroad, you can see the middle lane of the road, which is intended for two-way traffic - red or green light is on, depending on the traffic. There is also a gas station nearby, heavily crowded - I wonder why. And nearby - as with almost everything in this small country - there is a shopping center where you can spend some time browsing between the shelves. A few kilometers away is the capital of Andorra, La Vella. We stop at the McDonald's car park, which offers free parking for meals and relaxation. We eat and go on a tour of a small town. We walk around the area for a while, but there are not many monuments here, but you can get acquainted with the local architecture. Andorra is a small country, but so much has to offer. Monuments, maybe not necessarily, because we didn't notice anything special, but these mountains are wonderful. Wherever we look, there is a peak - a paradise for our eyes. As we are close to everything, we are going to look around the hills a bit. We stay overnight at the campground and at the foot of the mountains. The campsite is located on the main road - but the traffic in this country, far from the border, is so great that we do not even notice it. The service was nice and the price - a fraction of what in Spain. Tomorrow, maybe we will go to a summit….

BALKANS WITH A Donkey - ALBANIA 2011 – image 1
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The adventure with Albania began quite unusual. We approach the border crossing in Sukobin-Muriqan. After reading various information about entering Albania by car, what to watch, what papers we have to fill in and pick up at the border and then keep them until departure, the first pleasant surprise. MARIQAN - SZKODRA - LEZHE - CROSSING ROUTE 100km. Albania, however, must have come to the conclusion that too many formalities are a deterrent and now they only write down the registration number of the car - they do not even check the passport, but tell them to go on. Well, here's the problem, the policeman wrote down the registration number and shows us to go on, and here is our donkey ride. Bryka, that is, something came out with gears again and we were left with "3 and 4". We drive up a few meters and we are confused about what to do next. Since a similar situation has happened to us, we already know how to manually start the remaining gears, but this is just the beginning of our trip, so what's next, go back to Montenegro or go further. We don't know a word of Albanian. However, someone approaches us, looks under the hood and explains in a generally understood language that there is a garage in 5 km. So we're going with our soul on our shoulder. After about 5 km, there is something, but after entering the square and having a look at "what they give here", it turns out that we can replace the tires at most. Nothing - shifting the gear manually and off we go. We get to the village - a workshop neither widu nor hear. After all, a small inconspicuous world - a workshop. As soon as we get along if they're only Albanian. Luck in misfortune is their Serb - so he does our own way and we explain what and how. Previously, the exchange of this element made us quite impressed, so this time we are full of fears, but here the saying is true - the poorer the country, the more people can cope with. The mechanic takes a look under the hood, in a moment comes back with the "gas belt" and as if nothing had happened, he puts his hands "on the hot engine" for 5 minutes and it's ready. However, he says that there are shops in Shkodra a few kilometers away, that maybe we can find an item there. We are happy to continue our journey.