Winter Campsites - Year-round Resorts

Although most of us associate camping holidays with sunny summer, more and more resorts also start operating in winter. We are talking not only about those located in the mountains near ski resorts, but also about those located in typical summer resorts: by the sea or lakes. A year-round camping can be a great idea for an overnight stay during a short autumn city break, inter-Christmas break or winter break.

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Year-round camping and campsite - Poland in autumn and winter

The Baltic Sea in autumn and winter has an undeniable charm - it becomes empty, wild and even more delightful. Choosing year-round camping by the sea, you can count on silence, an unforgettable climate and refreshing air full of iodine beneficial for health. Your time will be filled with walks on a deserted beach, collecting ambers washed ashore by waves that are more violent than in summer, and relaxing with hot chocolate in a restaurant overlooking the rough sea. The winter coast is completely different from the summer one, full of tourists and hustle and bustle. It is worth getting to know the other face of the Baltic Sea!

Of course, winter campsites in Poland are also located in the south, especially near ski resorts. Overnight in a caravan, motorhome, cottage or bungalow can be as comfortable as overnight in a guesthouse.

Campings and campsites in Europe all year round

Tourists looking for year-round campsites in Europe, most often go to countries such as Austria, Italy or France. The local resorts are a real paradise for skiers: perfectly prepared slopes, modern infrastructure and fabulous alpine views guarantee a successful trip. However, winter campsites can also be found in other countries: the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia. The Balkans in particular can be a great winter destination. Frosted Plitvice Lakes or the waterfalls in the Krka National Park are almost deserted, and they look just as beautiful as in summer. The Croatian coast has more pleasant winter temperatures than Poland, so Croatia can become a great place for a short break in search of the sun.

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