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Montenegro can be easily visited in one day. This does not mean, however, that it lacks attractions for a longer (e.g. week) stay. Camping in Montenegro will appeal to both active people and fans of a beach holiday. Come here to see the landscapes of the Dinaric Mountains, visit mosques, old Orthodox churches, and seaside resorts such as Padva. Fall in love with the beauty of the Bay of Kotor and try the local cuisine.

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Montenegro's big advantage is, among others borders with equally fascinating countries. Thanks to this, you can visit interesting points at your neighbors during your vacation. For example, there is less than 100 km between Kotor in Montenegro and Dubrovnik in Croatia. It does not matter if you are planning a camping by the sea in Montenegro or you want to relax in the mountains. You can easily find the perfect spot for yourself. You just have to remember that the roads there are more cautious. On the other hand, the landscapes fully compensate for the lack of highways.

Montenegro what to see

Despite its modest size, to put it mildly, this Balkan state has something to tempt. If you are hesitating whether it is worth going on vacation to Montenegro, stop quickly. The tourists are waiting here, among others a unique Adriatic fjord-like attraction. Boka Kotorska (Kotorska Bay) is breathtaking not only for lovers of sea views. The bay itself and its surroundings, including Kotor and Perast, are beautiful. There are old fortresses, ancient sacred temples and Roman mosaics, and the backdrop is mountains reflecting in the sea. Doesn't that sound beautiful? Camping in Montenegro will appeal to anyone who enjoys sightseeing. In addition, it is an excellent destination for enthusiasts of long hikes on mountain trails, climbing or rafting.

Montenegro abounds in spectacular landscapes. Probably many of you dream of taking a picture of yourself against the picturesque islet of Sveti Stefan. It is connected with the mainland by a sandy spit, moreover, it is close to Budva from this point. If you would like to explore a campsite on the Montenegrin coast, many of them are located near this attraction. However, you have a much wider choice of seaside facilities. Not only Kotor and Perast are beautiful, but also Ulcinj, Petrovac and the Barska Riviera.

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As the country is located in three climatic zones, it is better to think about the time you choose for your vacation. Where to go to Montenegro if you are thinking about vacation? Where the Mediterranean climate prevails, that is, in the coastal regions. Montenegrin mountains are located in the alpine zone, while in the central area there is a continental zone. Plan a campsite on the Montenegrin Riviera or in the Bay of Kotor, and you will surely come back home happy, tanned and with lots of fantastic memories.

From May to October, tourists from all over the continent come to Montenegro. During the tourist season, average temperatures (during the day) reach over 20°C. If you expect taller people, and you cannot imagine a holiday without a bath, you will be satisfied with the weather in July or August. Would you like a camping in the mountains of Montenegro? It does not matter the time of rest - remember about comfortable footwear and a raincoat.

Camping in Montenegro

Apart from beaches and monuments, Montenegro attracts tourists with its national parks. It has as many as five, which is really impressive given the compact size of the country. The Lovćen National Park is the most popular among holidaymakers. If you want, you can set up a campsite in the Bay of Kotor - literally. Over a thousand meters above it, there is a terrace where you can park your motorhome. The entry fee is a few euros per day. Really worth!

We invite you to get to know the attractions of Montenegro!

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