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Southern Montenegro hides many interesting places, including Bar. If you want to relax on the Adriatic and are wondering which area to choose, consider coming here. It is said that the oldest olive tree in Europe grows there. Among the numerous attractions of Montenegro, resorts such as Bar and the vicinity of the town should be mentioned first. You will find here a sandy beach connecting the old and new part of the city and an exceptionally picturesque coast. From the walls surrounding Stary Bar you will see a beautiful panorama.

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Holidays in Bar

A holiday in the southern region of Montenegro is a great idea. Regardless of whether you like to swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic or you are looking for a place for your motorhome, the Bar will be perfect. It is a good location for sightseeing trips.

Bar is one of the most important ports on the Adriatic Sea. If you stay here for a holiday, you can easily get to, e.g. to Italian Bari. Ferries run regularly to it. Moreover, you can take the train to Belgrade in Serbia.

Campervan to Bar

We encourage you to spend your holidays in this part of Montenegro. You will find interesting camping sites, as well as small and larger campsites. Go to this intriguing Balkan country.

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