Camping Switzerland

A country famous for watches and cheese, enchanting with glaciers and a modern railway. It does not belong to large countries, but the number of attractions beats many of them. Camping in Switzerland will appeal to anyone who loves nature - not only in winter. Find out how beautiful Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva and Lucerne are. Be amazed by the Swiss lakes. Go here for skiing, hiking on mountain trails or for blissful relaxation in thermal springs.

Campsites found


Perfectly prepared slopes, picturesque landscapes and well-organized residents? We’re certainly talking about Switzerland. Plan a family vacation at the campsite and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the place, which cannot be felt anywhere else in the world. Here, everything has its own order. Switzerland can boast very well-preserved monuments that are almost 1000 years old!

The spirit of history

Switzerland is a place that has not been affected by any disaster, the country's relics are preserved in perfect condition, and the government takes care of that so the future generations can admire a variety of architectural styles. Book your camping in Switzerland near the Castle of Gruyeres or Basel. Or maybe you want to explore Zurich and see for yourself the world renowned banks?

More beautiful side of the Alps

Snow fun, skis, boards, or maybe you want to see the Glacier Grotto in Glacier Paradise? Just make sure that you choose a camping in Switzerland near the slopes. Choose the places that are fitted to your needs in the best way. And if you're not a fan of snow acrobatics, you can explore the small towns or Prattigau valley in the canton of Grisons. Oh, camping holidays in this country will always be nice.

Her beauty has stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world. What is Switzerland famous for? In this country, divided into 26 cantons, you will hear 4 official languages ​​and numerous local dialects. Approx. 70% of its area is mountains, and over 30% is covered with forests. Campsites in Switzerland are located near towns and small towns, in the mountains and by lakes. There are over 1,500 of the latter! The above figures may sound a bit dry, but it's hard to talk about this wonderful country without giving numbers.

Camping in Switzerland

Undoubtedly, it is an ideal country for lovers of relaxation in the bosom of nature. You can go camping on Lake Geneva, relax on the shores of Lake Constance or Lake Lucerne. Go for a walk in the Sihlwald forest near Zurich, and stop by Interlaken. The peaks of Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger, admired from its streets, look exceptionally beautiful. Climb aboard the old steamboat to enjoy the landscapes from the lake's surface.

Some people associate this country mainly with winter holidays. What does Switzerland offer at this time of the year? Where do skiing amateurs from different countries go to go skiing? Popular ski resorts of the type Verbier in the heart of the Four Valleys, Saas Fe or Gstaad in winter resemble places from Christmas postcards. For fans of two boards, we recommend a campsite in Zermatt, Davos or St. Moritz. Switzerland offers modern ski areas such as Les Portes du Soleil, the already mentioned 4 Vallées and the Matterhorn Ski Paradise Ski Region. These are not all suggestions anyway.

Switzerland in a motorhome

Caravanning enthusiasts love Switzerland, which is hardly surprising. Facilities waiting for them by the lake, by national parks, near waterfalls, as well as plenty of places with a view of the mountains. They are often extensive complexes with access to swimming pools, thermal baths or facilities for children. There are also high-standard points that place great emphasis on ecology. Many tourists have found out how wonderful glamping can be in Switzerland.

Trains in Switzerland

Speaking of Switzerland, it is impossible to ignore one of the country's greatest tourist attractions - the panoramic trains. The Bernina Express and Glacier Express run through spectacular routes that can be admired through large windows. In addition to covering the distance on the tracks, some routes are traversed by a steamboat or a bus. Thanks to this, you can visit cities such as Lucerne, Montreux, Chur and Broc. In the panorama train, the journey itself is the goal. What's more, it will take you to many places that cannot be reached by car. If you dream of an intimate campsite in Switzerland, located somewhere in a forest, by a lake or river, then it's a bull's eye.

These trains carry passengers as part of the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. They give the opportunity to get to know 11 lakes and 5 places from the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is enough to buy a Swiss Travel Pass to go on this amazing journey. If you are interested in camping on Lake Lucerne, visiting cities or climbing alpine peaks, do not hesitate.

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