The Campers – accessories store

The Campers – accessories store

The Campers is also a well-equipped online store with camping accessories available at:

The store has a wide range of products necessary to equip your camper or caravan. The following product categories are available in the store:

  • Chemicals for motorhomes and caravans - liquids, tablets, sachets, papers for chemical toilets, cleaning water tanks and special cleaning agents for individual elements of the motorhome structure
  • Kitchen equipment - melamine and polycarbonate dishes, foldable pots, refrigerators, stoves, grills and gadgets necessary in every kitchen
  • Chemical toilets
  • Camping furniture - folding chairs, tables, cabinets and organizers
  • Electrics in a camper - photovoltaic panels, converters, satellite antennas and power connections
  • Water installation elements - boilers, water tanks, drain valves and hoses
  • Bathroom equipment in a camper - accessories, showers, tourist showers
  • Elements of the gas installation in a camper - reducers, sensors, cylinders and accessories
  • Air conditioning and heating in the camper - air conditioners, heating mats, boilers
  • Additional security for campers and trailers - door locks, gas sensors
  • Awnings for campers and trailers
  • Trailer vestibules and tents
  • Racks - bicycle racks and accessories
  • Camper lighting - camping lamps
  • Building elements in a camping vehicle - windows, locks, parts for camper furniture
  • External equipment for a camper - awning mats, steps, steps, leveling ramps and wedges
  • Accessories for washing and cleaning the camper
  • Car accessories - carpets, thermal mats
  • Camping accessories for children - melamine dishes, chairs, toys
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