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The world of Makita devices opens up an ocean of possibilities. The range of power tools powered by 10.8V (12Vmax) 14.4V, 18V and 40V batteries is so wide that it is difficult to list all of them in a single article.

Although Makita is a recognized brand in the construction market, in the segment of tools for carpenters and professionals of many industries, it is also popular among DIY enthusiasts. This means that many of us may already have one of the solutions, and thus own a battery that can be the key to the world of really cool gadgets.

During trips with a motorhome, tent or caravan, we spend most of the time outside. Beach, meadow, camping, campsite - we enjoy nature, surroundings and make new friends. This is the essence of our travel "teaser". It is difficult for many of us to relax without our favorite radio station, music from our favorite streaming service, audiobook or podcast.

In the evening, sometimes it is nice to make a social meeting with a glass of wine with neighbors or friends more or less lively in the background pleasant. Today we will look at three models of turquoise radios with a huge spectrum of possibilities.

Mobile speaker? Forget half measures!


Of course, for many of us, a small mobile loudspeaker is handy and provides sufficient sound in many situations. Makita set the bar much higher by developing a portable audio system - the goal was not only to reproduce the sound correctly. The devices were to serve the teams in the first place during all-day work, to be an indispensable part of the technical facilities and to prove themselves in difficult conditions.


The assumptions were turned into reality by creating a series of combines that combine radios (FM / AM / DAB, DAB +), players with Bluetooth communication and capacious "powerbanks" for charging other mobile devices.

The back of the DMR300 and DMR301 housing is also equipped with… a bottle opener. And all this while maintaining shock resistance and IP64 and IP65 tightness (depending on the model).

Our model overview includes 3 devices

Makita DMR300 and DMR301
Power supply:
CXT (10.8 / 12Vmax) and LXT (14.4 / 18V) lithium-ion batteries
Output power:
2x1.2W at 10.8V and 12Vmax
2x2.2W with a power supply of 14.4V
2x3.5W with 18V power supply
Bluetooth technology (version 5.0, class 2) enabling communication up to 30 m in favorable conditions (optimal range is 10 m)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 268x185x305 mm
Weight (depending on the battery): 5.9-6.6 kg
AUX Input: Can be used as a stereo speaker with an external source
USB connectors: 2 ports for charging external devices (DC5V, 2.4 Ah in total)
Speaker: Ø 89 mm x 2
Rubberized handle, rotated by 90 degrees, reinforced housing with secured antenna
Easy to read, backlit digital display indicating the operating mode as well as the battery charging status
The ability to work on the power supply
Differences between the above models:
The DMR300 has an AM / FM tuner, and the DMR301 is equipped with an FM receiver and digital DAB / DAB +.
Both models are delivered with batteries supporting the clock settings and a power supply.The charger is built into the radio (charging the batteries, depending on the model, takes from 30 to 100 minutes)
Price: DMR300 - from PLN 1250, DMR301 - from PLN 1150

Makita MR004G
Power supply:
lithium-ion batteries from the CXT (10.8 / 12Vmax), LXT (14.4 / 18V) and XGV 40V series
Output power:
2x1.7W with a power supply of 10.8 / 12V max
2x3W with a power supply of 14.4V
2x4.9W with 18V / 40V power supply
Possibility to receive FM radio stations and digital DAB / DAB + stations
Bluetooth technology (version 5.0, class 2) enabling communication up to 30 m in favorable conditions (optimal range is 10 m)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 280x171x298 mm
Weight (depending on the battery): 4.2-5.2 kg
AUX Input: Can be used as a stereo speaker with an external source
USB port: 1 port for charging external devices (DC5V, 2.4 A)
Additional micro-USB port for updating the software
Rugged housing with built-in antenna in the handle
Clear, backlit digital display indicating the operating mode.
The ability to work on the power supply
High resistance to dust and moisture
Approximate operating time (Radio / Bluetooth) depends on the battery used. For example, with the LXT 14.4V battery with a capacity of 3 Ah, we will achieve an approximate result of 12 hours, and with the XGT40V Max battery with a capacity of 4.0 Ah it will be up to 30 hours.
The clock settings are retrieved via the radio
Price: from approx. PLN 950

Radios multi-talented


The use of the collective term "construction radios" in relation to the above devices may be considered a damaging, far-reaching simplification. The range of possibilities, compact dimensions and mobility are the advantages that will be appreciated not only by professional professionals and DIY enthusiasts, but also people "on the move" who want to enjoy excellent sound quality and not necessarily handling the equipment as with the proverbial "egg".

Makita harvesters can withstand a lot, and at the same time they will be able to start more than one event. It is a dream device that perfectly meets the needs of every conscious globetrotter.

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