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Campers and caravans, which are sometimes called houses on wheels, should be secured in the same way as the houses we live in on a daily basis. Especially since the problem of theft and other dangers awaiting motorhome owners comes back like a boomerang every season. Today we suggest which security systems are worth choosing to ensure you and your loved ones a peaceful journey and a stress-free stay at the campsite.

Installation of the alarm

Caravanning , seemingly carefree and giving a sense of freedom, is not without its drawbacks. One of them is common theft. The valuable equipment of enthusiasts of traveling with a motorhome or with a trailer tempt potential thieves. Transporting laptops, LCD TVs or bicycles should be secured in advance. A great idea is, above all , a motorhome alarm . Thanks to it, we will protect our property, deterring unauthorized people counting on simple and quick earnings. The way the alarm works is extremely simple, because it is armed when the owner leaves the vehicle. The device is turned on by manually entering the code. The indispensable equipment of the alarm are passive detectors, operating on the basis of changes in thermal radiation, and active ones, reacting to changes in the frequency of electromagnetic waves. Detectors in the system react to the appearance of an intruder by transmitting a signal to the alarm control panel. This, in turn, signals an attempted break-in with sound and light. In addition, it has the option of sending a message to the owner of a motorhome or caravan to the telephone number provided by him.


Gas detectors

It is important that the motorhome in which we travel, spend our free time and sleep, is safe for our health and life. For this to happen, we can invest in a gas detector that allows you to monitor the air in the vehicle. As soon as the gas concentration exceeds the permitted values, for example when gas leaks from the gas cylinder that we are heating the car, the system sounds an audible alarm. Most of the available sensors warn against the leakage of LPG (propane, butane) and natural gas (methane) gases. Owners of motorhomes and caravans must also take into account the possibility of burglary at night. Thieves, wanting - literally - to lull our vigilance, then resort to the use of strong intoxicants. The detector with the ability to detect them will be invaluable in such situations. At the same time, we should also remember about the basic rules, such as locking the motorhome at night, and if it is lowered - securing the roof windows. Apart from camping accessories , our daily vigilance is invaluable.

Additional methods

Motorhome owners also often decide to buy mechanical security devices, such as wedges or anti-theft locks, thanks to which a potential thief will not connect our vehicle to his car and drive away. These, despite their low costs, require assembly and disassembly each time, which may not be convenient in the long run. GPS monitoring is a good, although expensive solution, allowing you to remotely track and immobilize the vehicle. In turn, a hidden safe can help in the safe storage of things, which will be especially useful when you leave the vehicle and go on a bicycle or hiking trip without taking all your valuables.

Investing in security systems will save us the stress of traveling and camping. You will find effective alarms and professional gas detectors in the CarGO camping accessories store!

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