Scooter in a camper van - Egret 10. Test CampRest

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An electric scooter in a motorhome? Yes, I consider it an ideal combination, because it is during motorhome trips that an alternative to getting around is important. The scooter will quickly take us to a bus stop, train or subway station or to a nearby store where we will do the necessary shopping. Read below my observations after several days of using a very cool "Scout".

During the previous Caravan Salon fair in Dusseldorf, I had the opportunity to test the EGRET 10 electric scooter and I will tell you that I am not going to such a large fair without it.

The scooter is really great and riding it gave me a lot of fun and, above all, it allowed me to cover many kilometers around the exhibition halls every day. See the video below how such fairs look like:

The EGRET scooter is a German production and you can really see and feel this famous German quality of workmanship. The scooter was used in front of us by many other editorial offices. As it happens during tests - such devices are operated much more than when used by one owner and everything still worked perfectly in it.

Quick disassembly

The process of folding and unfolding is a cliché that anyone can handle without the need to use any tools. Unfolding looks like this:

  • you take the scooter out of the motorhome,
  • you put on the ground,
  • you raise the steering wheel to the vertical until it makes a "click",
  • you raise the handles to the horizontal position, which also make a "click",
  • you insert a pin that prevents accidental folding,
  • you press the ON button,
  • you push off at the same time pressing the throttle and you fly where the wheels will carry you ...
Egret 10. CampRest test

The weight of this particular model is 17 kg , which is less than many tourist bikes and does not cause major problems with putting it in or out of the motorhome. When the scooter is folded, you can easily lift it by the handlebars, which at this moment are in a vertical position and act as a comfortable grip.

Charging and battery in the EGRET 10 scooter

Charging is just as easy as charging your phone. Unfortunately, there is no disassembled battery that can be recharged and carried in an emergency in a backpack - I think it would be a nice option. For now, you need to carry a charger with you just in case, which will allow you to charge the battery up to 70% in about 2 hours. It takes about 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

Quick "recharging" is a nice option for visiting larger cities and even when the battery runs out, we will stop at a cafe or lunch and ask the staff for access to the socket.

The manufacturer informs that a fully charged battery will last up to 40km, but for safety, I would assume that we will do 20-30km on it on a single charge. Unfortunately, I was not able to check how many km I was doing during the fair because each time I knew only in the middle of the day that I did not turn on the appropriate application on my phone. The counter on the scooter, unfortunately, does not show the distance traveled, but only the battery level, current speed and the set speed level.

Sometimes even too fast

The scooter has 5 speed levels - from 1 to 5. The lower the mode, the slower we will go, but also the range of the scooter will be greater. In the maximum mode, we can reach a speed of 30 km / h and it really allows you to move quickly on the sidewalks. If we plan to ride as I do, i.e. between people, level 1 is sufficient, which calmly maintains the speed, allowing us to overtake walkers, but does not pose any threat that we will run into someone. This is the mode that I would use during a lazy tour of the towns, the range would certainly withstand these 40 km.

Wheels and Braking

Egret 10. CampRest test

Even at high speeds and downhill, the scooter stops as if on cue thanks to disc brakes on both wheels. This is one of the biggest advantages of this scooter. The biggest advantage, however, is its large pumped wheels, which perfectly eliminate all unevenness and allow you to ride on lawns, soil, cobblestones, gravel ... that is, on the surface that we most often meet at the campground or in many towns that we visit during caravanning trips.


Personally, I think that scooters are an ideal alternative to bicycles during caravanning trips. It takes up little space, so it will fit in most of the luggage compartments in the motorhome. It may turn out to be irreplaceable when moving around campsites (especially the larger ones), but it will also work well as an assistant in exploring the area.

I received the scooter from the Zwinne Miasto store, which specializes in the sale and service of all electric scooters. Marek - the owner of the store has extensive knowledge of the entire range available on the market and tries to offer scooters only from reputable manufacturers that will not disappoint their new owners. In addition to the Internet, they run a stationary store and service in Poznań, but soon their logo will also hang on a building in Warsaw.

Soon I will describe for you a slightly lighter Etwow Booster Plus S scooter, which I also had the opportunity to race for some time.

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