The sun protects the efficiency of the battery

The sun protects the efficiency of the battery – main image

Charging the battery with solar energy? Yes! The patented solution is designed to put an end to starting problems for your vehicle.

All batteries are self-discharging. The pace depends both on the type of battery and the temperature at which they are stored. Automatic discharge of starter batteries in vehicles that have been left parked for a long period of time is a problem for many drivers. After two months, the battery may lose 40-60% of its original efficiency, and in the worst case the battery may be damaged. Even a fully functional battery loses one fifth of its capacity at 0 ° C. Owners of vehicles that are used seasonally (including tourist vehicles) are particularly at risk of this risk.

There are several ways to deal with the common discharge phenomenon. In the case of new cars with advanced electronic equipment, a charger with electronic charging process control should be used. You can also trust the patent developed by a German manufacturer of advanced electronic solutions.

Monark Solar 1

Monark Automotive GmbH has developed a solution that converts solar energy into electricity. Monark Solar 1 is a compact panel (dimensions: 395 x 310 x 16.5 mm, weight approx. 900 g), which is simply placed on the inside of the car window. The connection to the battery is via a cable with an OBD2 type B plug (other connection variants are available as an option). Battery charging starts automatically and is limited to 14.3V for a 12-volt system or 28.6V for a 24-volt system. The device maintains a constant battery performance by compensating for energy losses that result from self-discharge of the battery and power consumption by devices in "stand by" mode.

Double charging

The photovoltaic charger conceals electronic protection against the risk of overcharging the battery. Monark Solar 1 also guarantees the possibility of double efficiency by connecting a second solar system via a Y adapter (the output power of the device is 15 W ± 10%). The device operates in a wide temperature range (from -40 to + 80 ° C). The technologically advanced solar module consists of ten monocrystalline SunPower cells. More information on the manufacturer's website ( ).

The sun protects the efficiency of the battery – image 1
The sun protects the efficiency of the battery – image 2

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