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The times when the motorhome was used only for summer escapades are gone. Winter caravanning enthusiasts are not afraid of low temperatures - they are more and more willing to set off on a journey, also when the motorhomes of other drivers, properly prepared, are already waiting for the next season. In order for the winter trip to be pleasant for its participants and safe for the motorhome itself, it is necessary to equip it with the necessary accessories. This is what this article is about!

Motorhome heating

When the temperatures outside the window are dangerously close to zero, we take care of proper heating of our apartments. It is no different in the case of motorhomes - houses on wheels, where thermal conditions should be comfortable for the "residents". Adequate heating of the motorhome is also important for the proper functioning of the installation in the vehicle. Winter motorhome travelers most often decide to invest in a heating system consisting of a stove and a hot water boiler. This solution, e.g. powered by gas, is extremely efficient, easy to use and compact. Thanks to the ability to control the phone, we can set the desired temperature while outside the vehicle - for example, before returning to the vehicle after a hike or from the slope. A heating option often chosen by motorhome owners is the popular webasto, i.e. parking heating, which works independently of the engine, taking fuel directly from the tank. An alternative - unfortunately more expensive to operate, may be the purchase of a small farelka.


Electricity in the motorhome

When planning a motorhome trip in the winter months, we must remember that in low temperatures the efficiency of the batteries - needed to start the engine and power the cabin equipment - drops significantly. Of course, motorhome owners have the option of being connected to the 230 V electricity network during their stay at the campsite. However, we do not always stop at them for the night. Then what? When there is no connection, and our battery slowly refuses to obey, a power generator will be useful, which will protect us from a complete lack of power.


They can come in handy

When deciding to travel in a motorhome in winter, it is worth investing in replacing those elements that do not work well in low temperatures. What are we talking about? It is essential to change tires and have lukewarm coolant in the radiator, which can seriously damage the engine. In the store with camping accessories , you will also find reversing cameras, which will make it much easier for us to navigate on snow-covered roads and maneuver in parking lots. The car is also equipped with chains and defrosters for windows and locks. It will also be a good idea to buy thermal mats that are attached to the windshield of the motorhome and protect the vehicle against heat loss.

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