SUP means paddling at the campground – image 1

SUP means paddling at the campground

Contrary to appearances, the title of the article was written in Polish. I assume everyone knows what camping is. On the other hand, paddling is a colloquial and slightly caressing term for Stand Up Paddleboarding . This is another entertainment that requires open water and planks. Since sport is relatively new, not everyone has heard of it. The easiest way to describe it is a combination of surfing and kayaking. Lovers of this game swim across lakes, seas and even oceans (near the shore, of course) standing on a special board and paddling with a long oar. And this is the main advantage of SUP. Thanks to its own drive, paddleboarding is suitable for any type of water reservoir. On a stand up paddleboard, you can both traverse lazy rivers and "climb" into violent waves.

Heviz - Hungarian wine and Indian lotuses – image 1
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Heviz - Hungarian wine and Indian lotuses

Hungary is known all over the world for its spas and hot springs. Budapest - the beautiful and slightly melancholic capital of the country, sometimes called the largest resort in Europe (the city has as many as 123 hot spring water intakes). However, not everyone wants to use the healing properties of the waters in the hustle and bustle of a large, or at least European, metropolis. To all those who want to spend their holidays in silence and thermal warmth, I suggest tiny spas scattered all over Hungary. For example, Heviz .

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We invite you to Istria

Travelers go to Croatia mainly to the Adriatic Sea. However, not every stretch of the country's coast is the same. You can go to Croatia every year and every vacation will be different. You can go to one of the islands - for example the half desert Pag. You can visit the historic and monumental Dubrovnik, beyond the walls of which elements of Muslim culture have already entered. You can finally visit peaceful Istria . Although Istria is called the largest peninsula in Croatia, parts of this cape also belong to Slovenia and Italy. What will draw our attention after crossing the imaginary border of this part of the land is ubiquitous and lush green. Istria is often nicknamed "green". This is because almost the entire peninsula is covered with oak forests.