SUP means paddling at the campground

SUP means paddling at the campground – main image

Contrary to appearances, the title of the article was written in Polish. I assume everyone knows what camping is. Paddleboarding is a colloquial and slightly affectionate term for Stand Up Paddleboarding . This is another entertainment that requires an open body of water and a board.

What is a stand up paddleboard?

Since the sport is relatively new, certainly not everyone has heard of it. The easiest way to describe it is as a combination of surfing and kayaking. Lovers of this game swim across lakes, seas and even oceans (near the shore, of course) standing on a special board and rowing with a long oar. And this is the main advantage of SUP. Thanks to its own propulsion, paddleboarding is suitable for any type of water body. On a stand up paddleboard you can both cross lazy rivers and "climb" under violent waves.

Types of boards

We sell a wide range of boards. Even though they all serve the same purpose, they have very different characteristics. There are boards that can reach high speeds (narrow and pointed). There are those designed with waves in mind and those with a higher degree of stability (rivers). However, we are most interested in the inflatable board. As a rule, it has universal characteristics, but its great advantage is the ease of transport (after all, we are going camping). After releasing the air, the board will fit into the trunk or even a regular backpack and can be easily transported even in the smallest camper . We bring it to the "buoyant" state using the attached pump (about ten atmospheres). The board is stiff and stable, but when paddling on it, we have to pay more attention to sharp objects sticking out of the water.

Additional equipment

Of course, in order to experience the joy of SUP swimming, we will need, in addition to the board, also other accessories. First of all, the oars. Several types are commonly available. They differ in the shape of the pen and the material from which they are made. Aluminum oars are the strongest and heaviest. For a camping trip, it is best to take foldable carbon paddles with you (they are the lightest).

We can also buy several gadgets, the necessity of which could be discussed for a long time. Our equipment can be additionally supplemented with a "leash", i.e. a harness that can be attached to our stand up paddleboard . People who want to travel on a board rather than with a board will also need a waterproof bag (attached to the deck).

Where to go?

We can use SUP in two basic ways. We can treat this board as recreation - one of the diversification of our holidays. We then choose a campsite near the water, set up there and spend several hours a day paddling on the nearby sea or lake.

We can also take the matter more seriously and go rafting. We then pack our clothes and tent (after all, almost every campsite has the option of pitching in a tent) into our waterproof bag and paddle down the river (or up if we are tough and the river is not particularly rapid). employees will help you choose the right SUP board

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I do not have a camper or caravan, but I often and enjoy sleeping next to these vehicles in my small "Alabama" tent. I also like writing about tourism.

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