Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – main image

I received the Adria Adora 573 PT trailer for testing from the distributor of the brand - Elcamp RV from Krakow.

I will present it from the perspective of a person who has not dealt with traveling before and just living in a trailer.

We took her camping in the Italian Dolomites. Therefore, it was tested in winter conditions, which was of great importance as it is sold as an all-season model.

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 1

But let's start from the beginning ...

The collection of the trailer from the Elcamp company was preceded by an hour-long training in the operation itself and the method of its assembly to the tug. We have received a lot of valuable tips and hints from experienced caravanning enthusiasts.

Now go! First impressions of the route Krakow - Bielsko? The trailer is very stable on the road.

Our tug - Peugeot Traveler consumes an average of 8l / 100km on the route. With a trailer with a curb weight of 1540 kg, fuel consumption increased by 5 liters. Driving with Adria was smooth and comfortable despite its length, i.e. 7.7 m with a drawbar.

Mover for a caravan

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 2

In our case, equipping the trailer with a mover turned out to be very helpful, because we live on a rather narrow street and unfortunately the 5.4 m tug and 7.7 m trailer set did not "break" at the turn. The electric mover came to our aid, the Truma Mover Smart to be exact. The caravan covered the last 100 meters to the garden by itself thanks to remote control.

To use the mover, it is necessary to equip the trailer with a battery. Here we had the MAXX LiFePO4 100Ah model with a bluetooth module on board. Is such communication an unnecessary gadget? Of course not! After many trips with this caravan, it is probably easier to judge the battery charge level by eye. For us - beginner caravanners - such knowledge was very valuable, especially when using a mover or simply spending the night without being connected to the electricity supply.

Additional equipment in the trailer

The interesting equipment options that we had at our disposal included, among others:

  • Alphatronics Smart TV SLA-22 DSBAI + H - comfortable 22 "screen and Smart option, thanks to which you can conveniently use your favorite streaming platforms,
  • decent sounding set of speakers with bluetooth connection
  • Telair roof air conditioning - due to a winter trip, we did not have the opportunity to test it,
  • heated floor - a fantastic option for people who are cold and children - like mine - who love to walk barefoot
  • a well-arranged locker - a set of boxes stacked on top of each other allowed for order and convenient use of the tools taken,
  • microwave oven - we use it at home sometimes, so it was a pleasant surprise in the caravan.

Adria Adora 573PT - trailer interior

The trailer is entered through comfortable wide doors. You can therefore go with shopping nets without any problems. Also, packing the trailer itself is much more comfortable.

On the right side of the entrance there is a double bed. Two mattresses are designed for it. This is due to the fact that the bed has the possibility of lifting the upper part - hence two independent frames. It is a very good solution when one person wants to read a book comfortably before going to bed - their half of the bed tilts independently.

There is a large storage compartment under the bed, which can be accessed by lifting the frame and opening the side outer flap. The glove box is long enough that we can put all the ski equipment there.

A huge skylight on the bed gives plenty of light and visually increases the space in the caravan.

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 3

Staying on the topic of sleeping places - two single bunk beds are on the other side of the trailer. Each of them has its own independent window and lamp.

The lighting in the Adria I tested was very well thought out. The light switches are arranged intuitively. In addition, the spotlight was located in the slats and could be conveniently moved and turned in any direction. The right mood was taken care of by installing a light power control, thanks to which we had pleasant ambient lighting in the evenings.

The kitchen, although small, was very comfortable. I had a 3-burner gas stove at my disposal. I supplemented the missing amount of the worktop with a table opposite. A large number of cabinets can accommodate larger food supplies.

As I mentioned before - the caravan was additionally equipped with a Gorenje microwave oven, safely mounted in the top shelf.

The living room area consists of a comfortable U-shaped sofa and a table. When unfolded, it is a place to sleep for two. The side seats also have top and forward-opening storage compartments. You have to be careful not to accidentally nudge the door with your foot, because they spring off quite suddenly. In addition, they are located quite unfortunately almost in the middle of the sofa seat. Unfortunately, when we got up from the couch, we broke the push-lock blocking them. Like a small thing, but this topic could have been better thought over at the design stage.

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 4

The bathroom - which is not obvious - has a separate shower cubicle. The washbasin was foldable and its frequent unfolding was not convenient. The possibility of folding certainly influenced its size, because it was quite large for the bathroom dimensions themselves. My guess is that a permanently installed washbasin could not boast of such dimensions.

Due to the small clean water tank (50l) and the lack of a gray water tank, refilling water in the trailer can be quite troublesome. Here we had the option of connecting it to the water and sewage system with a permanent connection. Unfortunately, due to winter conditions, we were unable to take advantage of it. Generally, this type of solution eliminates the main limitations of the trailer. However, you should remember to choose lots prepared for this at the campsites.

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 5

An additional flush water tank turned out to be a great convenience. Due to the limited water tank - the additional one for the toilet is very useful. We fill it up by opening the outer hatch at the cassette. The transparent tube shows the water level in the cistern.

Alde heating

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 6

If anyone is wondering whether it is worth investing in ALDE heating in a caravan or motorhome, I definitely say that it is WORTH!

The difference between the heat flowing from convectors and the blowing is colossal. In the tested Adria, the convectors were evenly distributed and there were no places where you could feel unpleasant cold.

The main glycol tank that circulates in the ALDE system is located in the cupboard at the end of the trailer. It's a bit warmer there too. Therefore, during a winter trip, we had a great place to quickly dry ski-soaked jackets or gloves. In addition, there is also a small radiator in the shower, on which we could, for example, two pairs of gloves.

When writing about the advantages of ALDE, I cannot fail to mention the combustion of gas. We left Elcamp in a trailer equipped with two 11 kg clean propane cylinders. The heating was set to 20 degrees during the day and 16 at night. After a week, we used up one cylinder. Nights at the campsite were not particularly frosty and ranged from -7 to -9. With a truly winter aura and freezing temperatures during the day, two propane cylinders a week should be enough.


So far, I have known Adria "tangibly" only from the fairs and the pile of catalogs lying on my desk. I like the aesthetics of this brand very much and I was afraid that the spell would break after this test. However, it turned out completely different.

If you are looking for a comfortable, all-year-round trailer for a 2 + 2 family, Adria Adora 573PT may turn out to be a bull's eye. Personally, I do not recommend it in the version for 6 people, although it is possible. A summer trip and constant spending of time outside could save the day, but in winter 6 people locked up would be quite a challenge 😉

Adora is spacious and functional. The happy expressions of my children and husband, and my organization of family life on board, prove that the 573PT is perfect for comfortable voyages regardless of the season.

I also invite you to watch the video material from the test:

Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 1
Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 2
Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 3
Adria Adora 573PT winter trailer test – image 4
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