Adria Astella - caravan or already a cottage?

Adria Astella - caravan or already a cottage? – main image

The new concept of Adria is groundbreaking in many respects - especially in terms of design. The Slovenian manufacturer set itself the task of creating a mobile home with the functionality of a caravan . The result of work on this project are three systems introduced to the market with the markings 704HP, 754DP and 904HP. The marketing message shows that the manufacturer himself would not like to attach a specific patch to his designs. On the one hand, it emphasizes space, comfort and benefits for customers looking for a holiday home on wheels. We can take this house out of the season without any problems from the parking place. On the other hand, Adria Astella will be an excellent and comfortable partner in holiday travels to the farthest corners. The designers also focused on the aerodynamics of the structure and proven AL-KO solutions that increase the safety and comfort of travel.

Comfort and space at home


The interior design and layout have little to do with what we have been used to by designers of caravans and motorhomes in recent years. We have a lot of open space here, but the rooms are functionally separated. The spacious, fully functional bathroom and designer kitchen really make us feel at home. It should also be emphasized by the impressive concept of an open living room with an exit through wide, panoramic doors. The producer calls it the concept of inside / outside living, i.e. living inside and outside, and this is how this beautiful novelty is presented to us in the marketing message.

Buildings and lighting - Adria Astella


In terms of wall construction, Adria relies on a tight and warm structure with the use of a polyurethane core, XPS, laminate and, finally, composite materials on the walls. We were a bit surprised by the fact that impregnated wooden square timbers were used as an element of the skeleton, while most companies from the premium segment opt for aluminum in their constructions. However, judging by the 7-year warranty for the bodywork, we can trust the manufacturer who probably knows what he is doing.

A lot of attention has been paid to lighting - both inside and outside. LED marker lights on the sides in combination with an extraordinary design and huge doors made an amazing impression on us during the first fair. Inside, there are tons of direct and indirect lighting scenes. From subtle lighting behind cabinets to spot lighting, we have a full spectrum of possibilities here. The living room also features lighting with sliding spots on the rail - an extraordinary solution in trailers. It is also worth mentioning the completely new, cosmically attractive lighting for driving - the rear of the Astella looks great. The lamps used were also found in other refreshed caravan models (eg Adora ) and in a way have become a recognizable trademark of the Adria brand .

3 interior layouts

The width of the Astella is a considerable 252 cm, while the lengths with the drawbar, depending on the layout, range from 8992 mm, through 9447 mm up to the majestic 10,922 mm. The DMC of the models is in the range of 2500-3000 kg. The shorter versions of the Adria Astella 704HP and 754DP are designed for 2-4 people and differ in the layout of the kitchen and living room (in both of the rear part we have a large bedroom with a king bed). The longest Astella 904HP is a proposal for larger families up to 6 people, it has a dining room separated in the kitchen space with a high table and bar seats. At night, the living room turns into an additional bedroom thanks to a fold-out sofa and an ingenious bunk bed placed above the sofa. So, during the day, we have space and light, and at night, a comfortable place to sleep for several people.

Luxury caravan equipment


As befits an exclusive house on wheels, the equipment is exceptionally rich. As standard, we gain many practical solutions - such as the control of on-board functions ADRIA MACH, already described in our columns, or the noiseless and efficient ALDE heating, numerous USB sockets or an audio system. The manufacturer emphasizes the comfort of the mattresses used with the Octasprings system, it is also worth paying attention to the well-equipped kitchen with kitchen worktops made of durable Corian. Of course, the Astella can be retrofitted, for example, with a 6-meter Thule roller shutter or additional air conditioning units on the roof. However, the list of equipment is not as long as for many other manufacturers, even from the premium segment. We have a choice of 2 interior colors - Bluestar and Silverstar. Both look impressive and match modern design. It is worth mentioning the spacious bathroom with a separate shower cubicle. An interesting solution is also the possibility of putting out an additional table top next to the washbasin and just above the toilet. In terms of layout, the bathroom can be boldly called a model solution.

The star in the caravan market

Adria presented a completely new direction, and you can even say that it has created a new segment of the market. The result of clearly defined design assumptions is a vehicle that is innovative by all means, which, despite its price, will take the market by storm. Why? Because there is space, modernity and practical solutions, and above all, a durable and tight structure that will last for years. We can choose a longer model and place it in Hel or Croatia. Nothing prevents Adria Astella from becoming a comfortable house by the lake . We can also choose a longer or shorter trailer, take it for a tow and explore the world. The prerequisite for a GVM of 3000 kg will, of course, be the right tug and skills. Of course, the dimensions of the Adria will always be a compromise between mobility and comfort. However, if you are a fan of extraordinary design, space and comfort, Astella will hit the spot!

Where to buy Adria Astella?

The trailer is available from an authorized dealer of the Adria Grupa Elcamp brand based in Krakow.

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