Adria Compact Slide Out - a motorhome enlarged with a button

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How to do it to have a small car with a lot of space in it? The solution is a motorhome with sliding walls. Until recently, the patent was only available on the most powerful vehicles from America or Australia, now it is also being used in Europe. The swallow of innovation was Adriaze with its Compact Slide Out model.

The short Adria based on the Fiat Ducato with a sliding rear wall had its premiere in 2015 (it was still a concept vehicle at the time), and in 2016 it won the European Innovation Award . Today the Adria Compact in the SCS (620 cm) and SLS (599 cm) versions is already on sale.


In Germany, the SCS / SLS models with the basic 2.3 130 MultiJet engine cost 58 thousand. euro (with standard equipment). That's about 4,000 Euro more than for the cheapest Compact Plus SP model - without a sliding wall. We can also order any model of Adria in Poland - in Krakow (Elcamp) and in Szczecin (Camp & Trailer).

Sleeping "in a new way"

Most of the solutions in the Slide Out models coincide with what can be found in the other two motorhomes of the Compact Plus series.

Both vehicles with a sliding rear wall, although they are 21 cm long , have virtually the same interior layout, with the SCS at the end a double bed, and in the SLS two single beds with the possibility of using a shorter mattress ("connector") between them. In the case of parents sleeping with a small child, the middle, shorter mattress should be used as a third bed.


The most important distinguishing feature of this model is, of course, the retractable rear wall. It is enough to press a button and the rear part of the motorhome will be extended by 70 cm , showing our eyes a 198 cm long and 168 cm wide bed. After folding the rear part, the mattress does not hide in the garage (so you do not lose space in it), but it is positioned vertically against the rear wall of the vehicle.

In addition, in both vehicles there is a fairly original single bed in the dining area . They can be obtained by transforming the dining corner. We will then have a sleeping space that is occupied by a side armchair, table and a double sofa during the day. This is surprising because in such a situation the bed takes the form of the letter L. This means that we can choose whether we want to have a double space for the legs or for the head.


It is worth noting that although the car is equipped with four seats with safety belts , the accommodation is provided for three people (although in our opinion, 3 adults + a small child will also fit).

Lots of light and good equipment

The manufacturer was very keen to get as much space as possible in the smallest possible space. For this reason, the kitchen has a simple layout, but there is enough space for a three-burner stove, a sink, and a 100-liter refrigerator under the worktop. Even an odor trap is included as standard.

There is also a modern bathroom with a shower - maybe not very spacious, but nice and practical. Folded, the washbasin looks stylish, and when folded it allows for a relatively comfortable bath.

The large skylights , available both in the bedroom and in the living area, and a panoramic skylight above the driver's cab are eye-catching. As a result, we should not complain about the lack of natural light. There is even a window in the bathroom. Artificial lighting is provided almost exclusively by LEDs - they are placed in many places, e.g. by the kitchen window.

The standard equipment includes, among others A 100-liter clean water tank with adjustable filling level, an 85-liter waste water tank (insulated and heated), 230V and two USB sockets, space for an additional battery, or amenities such as roller blinds obscuring the cabs and an awning covering the sliding part of the rear wall . As standard, a Truma Combi 4 gas heater with a boiler is installed, but it can be replaced (at an additional cost) with a Truma Combi 6 or a gas-electric heater (4E or 6E).

Importantly, the camping equipment (both walls, roof and floor) was made of GfK material, so the structure is free of wood and resistant to moisture. For this reason, Adria can provide a 7-year warranty on the tightness of the building .

Competition is getting closer

Although the Adria Compacy Slide Out is one of the few camping vehicles with a retractable wall available on the European market (at least in the compact class), the competition is already "lurking around the corner". For example, during the last Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, the Lunar brand showed a very similar model (but based on a camper van) - Maira X-Trend , but that car is not yet available in the manufacturer's official offer, while Adria is already collecting the market "priority for priority".


In addition, Compact Slide Out seems to be a well thought-out motorhome, decently equipped, and its price still falls within the ranges typical for "ordinary" mid-range motorhomes. All in all, this is a really interesting vehicle and it's a pity that so little is said about it. This model could definitely use advertising!

The official distributor of the Adria brand in Poland is the Elcamp Group from Krakow.

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