BauER - a small trailer, but ... big

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When choosing a caravan, we often have to compromise. When traveling, we would like the towed vehicle to be small and agile. But the campsite could use a little more space inside. Eric Beau seems to have found the solution!

BeauER was established quite recently, in 2012. As is usually the case, one person's problem contributed to its birth. Eric Beau dreamed of a trailer that was small but comfortable inside. And when he found that he couldn't find what he was looking for on sale, he decided to build one. The effect exceeded his wildest expectations, so the Frenchman founded a company and is now trying to make money from his trailer.

Table, cover yourself

When the BeauER X3 trailer is folded, it looks like an ordinary, small trailer. It is 2 meters high and 3.5 long, and its rounded upper part brings to mind the teardrop trailers from the 1960s. However, just press the button and the trailer reaches a length of 4.6 m in 25 seconds . Witchcraft? Not exactly. This is the biggest secret that BeauER 3X contains.


The trailer folds and unfolds together with the furniture , which also changes its position during this operation. Inside you will find everything that should be in a trailer, plus an interesting, modern design.

The kitchen area and toilet are located in the middle module. There was a place there, among others: for a two-burner gas stove, sink and refrigerator . In one of the side modules there is a sofa that can be transformed into a double bed, and on the opposite side of the trailer there is a three-sided sofa with a table in front of it. But the table and sofa can also be transformed into a sleeping place for two people. In total, the trailer can provide a 12-meter apartment for up to four people.

It is worth emphasizing that you do not need to install any interior elements yourself, either after unfolding the trailer or before folding it. Thanks to the hydraulic installation, everything "does itself", specifically, using an electric motor that can be powered by a car battery or a regular socket.

A surprising interior

Building a trailer that weighs only a ton would not be possible without the use of lightweight materials. The construction used, among others, polyester, and hemp was used to insulate the walls. The permissible total weight is 1,200 kg.


But once we step inside, we won't feel this weight saving. We have a toilet with a shower, a 130-liter refrigerator, 20-liter water and sewage tanks, a water pump, and the bed has standard dimensions of 140x190 cm . There are also 230 V and 12 V electrical sockets.

The wall with a roller blind (instead of a door) between the bedroom and the kitchen looks interesting. The wall is filled with a nicely framed set of cabinets , their colors depending on the creativity of the customers - there are many possibilities. It must be admitted that the interior looks extraordinary in the visualizations and this is perhaps an important reason why women are apparently more interested in the trailer than other trailers.

Ambitious plans

Eric Beau says the biggest risk was valuation. The designer waited with bated breath for suppliers' offers, because their calculations would determine whether the production of this trailer would make economic sense. Beau was afraid that the final price would be too high for customers. Finally, the price of the basic version was set at PLN 24,000. euro , which is similar to the prices of many other, much less innovative trailers. But still more inquiries and orders come to the manufacturer from the United States than from Europe.


In 2016, a new 3X+ model should go on sale, which will offer a spacious interior with an area of approx. 27 m2 , i.e. the size typical of... an average studio apartment in Poland. If you manage to keep the interior layout as planned, the amount of space inside can be truly impressive.

In addition, the 3XC camper with a foldable, three-module rear , just like in the 3X trailer, should now be available for sale. Its production was supposed to start in 2015, but only visualizations can still be found on the website. The appearance of such a model at a campsite may be an even greater sensation than seeing a 3X trailer there - so we hope that the premiere will take place soon.


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