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Sometimes you can dream of a motorhome the size of a lorry, furnished like a palace. This time, however, let's get down to earth. What leaves the hall of the manufacturer Bavaria Camp may not be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but it gives ordinary mortals a chance for a quite successful camping.

BavariaCamp is one of the six brands belonging to the German KnausTabbert group. What distinguishes its offer is the focus on offering affordable, affordable motorhomes based on vans. The aim of BavariaCamp is reportedly not to sell cars as cheap as possible, but to ensure that the highest possible quality is offered at a reasonable price. Such a Lidl among motorhomes.

Currently, BavariaCamp offers four vehicles - all based on the Fiat Ducato, which you can see at first glance. The camping construction is made, among others, by 2 cm thick PU material that breathes and absorbs water. All furniture is specially made of multi-layer 15 mm plywood. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.


It is the shortest of the four models - it measures 541 cm in length and has a permissible total weight of 3,300 kg . The maximum load capacity is 660 kg. The base for the basic version of this motorhome is a Fiat Ducato with a 2.0 MultiJet engine with 115 HP.

Despite the cramped interior, there is room for both a small bathroom with a shower and a heated shower tray, as well as a gas cooker with two burners and a small sink integrated with it. The water tank holds 80 liters, and the refrigerator has a capacity of 90 liters (only in this model, you can choose one of the two places for installation).

The standard also includes water pump, gas cylinder cabinet, Truma series 6 heating (with water heater), foldable washbasin (in the bathroom) and Thetford CS 200 toilet. Sleeping places are provided for 3 people.

Without accessories, the Vancentro costs 56,410 euros in Germany.


About 2,000 we will pay more for the second BavariaCamp model. It wins over the Vancentro with its length - it measures 5,998 mm , which translates into the amount of space inside. Thanks to this, a 3-burner cooker could fit in, and the sink was clearly separated from it.

However, additional elements of the development mean that the load capacity of this motorhome is a maximum of 540 kg .


This is the longest of the presented models - it measures 6,363 mm . This means that its interior is also the most spacious. In addition, the basic version of the Vertigo is powered by a 2.3-liter 130 HP engine. The permissible total weight of this vehicle is 3.5 tonnes .

While in the previous models the rear bed was a single, here we deal with two single mattresses. The sofas from the living area here can also be converted into a sleeping place for a third person. The basic price of Vertigo is 63,120 euros .


Another 2 thousand. we will pay more for the Vaniano model. Its length is the same as in the Vantouro version, but the raised roof compensates for it. The top bed allows an additional two people to stay overnight, which could mean that up to five passengers can travel in the car. Unfortunately, there are only 4 driving seats in the car , equipped with seat belts.

The permissible total weight of this model is 3.5 tons, and the basic engine is a version with a capacity of 2.3 liters.

For each model, for an additional fee, you can install many accessories that increase the comfort of traveling. It is also possible to choose engines with more power.


Those who want to travel frequently without having to look for hotels along the way should be satisfied with the small, agile BavariaCamp motorhome.

However, those who prefer a stationary vacation, e.g. for a long time on one camping site, may be a bit disappointed because of the cramped interior. However, this applies not only to vehicles of this brand, but all motorhomes based on small and medium-sized vans.

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