Boom in numbers - how the market grows

Boom in numbers - how the market grows – main image

The caravanning industry, and especially the sale of motorhomes and caravans, is doing very well, as we all see when visiting trade fairs. Courtesy of PGC (Polska Grupa Caravaningowa), we were given some numbers that shed light on the sales structure and the origin of the vehicles.

Motorhomes - the new market is growing in strength

In the ranking taking into account the registrations of new motorhomes referred to as "special campers", Volkswagen is in the lead - among new vehicles, the year-on-year increase is over 100%. The overall sales structure of this brand includes a large portfolio, especially of Polish brands specializing in the construction of VW-based cars, and - of course - Volkswagen's own products with the " California " emblem, leaving the factories in Greater Poland in large numbers. However, the increase in sales of classic motorhomes is also surprising - the Roller Team or Benimar brands, as we can see, recorded cosmic increases in quantity and percentage compared to the same period of 2020.

Dethleffs and Caravans International also sold more than 100 units, while the quantitative increases of the latter brand are also impressive. It should be noted that the table below does not reflect the sales potential of these brands in Poland - dealers of individual companies have a huge problem with satisfying the demand or contracting vehicles for a date that satisfies the customer. This is especially visible in the case of the brand defined here collectively as CAPRON, perhaps meaningless to anyone. It is from this Saxon factory belonging to the Hymer group that the Carado and Sunlight cars come from. The number of units sold shown in the list certainly does not reflect the popularity of the brand.

Among the used vehicles imported from abroad, unfortunately, we do not find a precise list of bodybuilders - because most cars are registered by local authorities, regardless of the brand of bodywork, as, for example, "Special Camping Fiat". However, there are no surprises here - the vast majority are Fiats, Fords and Volkswagen. It is significant, however, that the increase in the registrations of used vehicles does not reflect the growth dynamics of new registrations. What does it mean?

The market for the sale of NEW vehicles is growing much faster than the market for imported used cars. The reasons for this state of affairs certainly include an increase in demand and prices in all foreign markets, as well as a significantly limited choice. The countries from which we import stimulants are traditionally dominated by Germany, France and the Benelux countries.


New trailers - Hobby rules

In quantitative terms, the priority baton is held by the German brand Hobby, which is strongly followed by Dethleffs (year-on-year growth of as much as 108%). Niewiadów is doing well, and in the leaderboard it is worth noting the decent results of Knaus, Fendt and also belonging to the Knaus Tabbert Weinsberg group.

The sources of the success of the ranking leaders are primarily the ability to meet the demand on the market (better than on the motorhome market), as well as completely pragmatic considerations - the possibility of deducting the total amount of VAT when buying a caravan for a company, no excise duty and much lower maintenance costs. Trailers in Polish realities "return to favor". Nevertheless, the increase in prices of even new cars did not follow such drastic trends as the increases on the motorhome market.

There are practically no brands from England among the new caravans. The distribution network has basically died before it could take shape, and new players in the market are keeping away from these factories.

Used trailers - Brexit has done its job

Here we come to surprising conclusions. Although the market for new and used recreational vehicles is growing dynamically, the import of the most popular used "English" is falling headlong.


The decline probably caused by Brexit, customs procedures and exchange rate fluctuations rather heralds a farewell to this market as the primary source of cheap trailers. The increase in imports from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark in numerical terms compensates for this balance.

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