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"Whoever does not develop, he retreats," proclaims the old adage. The French brand Chausson has made innovation its motto, creating new solutions all the time, thanks to which the car truly becomes a second, almost luxurious home.

This year, the company offers many technical and functional innovations ensuring unprecedented comfort even to the most demanding travelers.

What distinguishes the Chausson brand?

Smart Lounge is a spacious living room, with two comfortable sofas facing each other and a large, telescopic, "broken" table in the middle, the adjustment of which allows 360 degrees rotation. This allows easy access to the cab. At mealtimes, it will turn into a perfect dining room to which you can successfully invite guests. Retractable armchairs have a backrest adjustment function - in contrast to the classic bench at the table with the backrest fixed at an angle of 90 degrees. Importantly, during the journey, the sofas can be transformed into passenger seats with just a few movements .


Easy Bed is a system that allows you to adjust the height of the bed above the garage . Thanks to it, the size of the luggage compartment adapts to the size of the transported cargo, and we do not have to think about how to "stuff" the luggage. After unpacking the car and arriving at the destination, we can leave the bed again , so that we have easy access to it, and above all , enough space over the head . Then we are not stuffy and we do not feel claustrophobia. And we won't get a bump if we get up too quickly ...


The Project 2000 suspended bed system allows you to quickly transform a living room into a dining room. During the day, the bed adjoins the roof , while when you want to rest, just press the button to lower the bed. Should the electrics fail, a manual lowering system is available. Importantly - the belt system perfectly eliminates vibrations while driving - thanks to which the bed does not creak, which is, unfortunately, a common problem when such a structure is based on traditional hinges.


The Duo Beds work in the same way. After pressing the button, we get a bunk bed. In this way, bedding during the day does not clutter our space unnecessarily, and in the evening we create a place to sleep in the blink of an eye.


Motorhomes have been equipped with the IRP system ensuring better insulation, resistance and enhanced protection of the vehicle. It consists of the XPS system - sound and temperature insulating foam, and a specially designed floor and roof - resistant to overload and deformation. The structure has been reinforced with a polyester coating (GRP) - protecting against scratches, radiation and bad weather conditions.

TechniBox is an innovative solution that provides access to all necessary control elements (electrical management, clean water tank) in one place. For safety reasons, the electrical part is separated from the water part by a lockable door.

TechniBox facilitates simple diagnostics in the event of an electrical failure. The user can easily check the condition of all 12 / 230V fuses. We do not have to search the motorhome for fuses hidden, for example, under the sofa or in the wardrobe, which makes it difficult to verify them. After opening the side flap, we have perfect access and good visibility.

In TechniBox, we have access to the inside of the water tank - so we can easily wash it or remove the sand (if the water was from an unreliable source). TechniBox is also a drain valve for the clean water tank. A quick opening is enough and the motorhome is emptied. TechniBox is standard equipment for campers with alcove and semi-integrated ones.


EasyBo x is an ingenious children's corner at the rear. This solution was used, among others in the Chausson Flash 634 model . We can find many spacious drawers here . For example, a changing table can be placed on a wide table top. The whole, if necessary, rises up, ensuring easy access.

The new Chausson by examples

Chausson 711 Travel Line is a 4-door , semi-integrated motorhome that will make you feel like you are in a classic car. Each crew member has their own door on their side. This solution made it possible to use 4 comfortable airplane seats . Traveling in a motorhome has never been so convenient!

The back is a U-shaped sofa and a table, the front is a spacious dining room with a retractable table and the above-mentioned 4 airplane seats. The panoramic sunroof above the dining area enhances the feeling of space even more. At night, both parts turn into a bedroom thanks to electrically lowered double beds. Thanks to the 3-burner stove and the 167-liter fridge with freezer compartment in the 711 Travel Line you can feel like you are in your home kitchen. The garage space is large and accessible from two sides.


Van enthusiasts will love the Chausson V594 Max. It is a motorhome with 4 fully-fledged sleeping places . An interesting solution are the systems of sliding or retractable washbasins (V597CS), which allow you to save a lot of space. There is also a kitchen with a spacious 80-liter fridge and a 2-ring hob. In the Chausson 584 model, the refrigerator has as much as 140 liters!


In Chausson vans, a great solution is the system of additional, removable FlexBox cabinets. After moving them and unfolding the mattresses, we will get a large, double bed. This allows you to increase the load area, which is extremely important, especially for vans. These small vehicles can easily travel with family or friends. This is possible thanks to the bunk bed system (also used in the 594Max model). The second place to sleep is a structure placed above the main bed, thanks to which we get a double bunk bed for 4 people. It is also possible to dismantle the upper bed.


Chausson motorhomes are definitely worth paying attention to. Their only distributor in Poland is the Transa-M company from Pszczyna. On site, you can learn about the innovations that the French brand has introduced to its vehicles and choose the best car for you.

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