Citroen C5 combi - a middle class tug

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For caravanning enthusiasts, only cars with practical bodies are important. Sedans, small hatchbacks or coupes do not exist. SUVs and station wagons , which have been popular recently, are different. Especially mid-range estate cars show more than sufficient suitability and functionality. In addition to the VW Passat and similar designs, the Citroen C5 deserves our attention - its several advantages are not available to anyone else in the D segment.

Despite several years on the market ( it has been available since 2008 ), the C5 still counts in the fight for the client. The conservative silhouette enriched with the latest technology can still be enjoyed. Subtle and balanced accessories create an aesthetic whole, almost elegant.

Interior: design and functionality

The interior of the Citroen was created clearly with the conservative clientele in mind - subdued lines and excellent ergonomics only speak in its favor. The quality of the materials used ranks among the class leaders, beating even this year's novelties. Analog clocks (between them there is an on-board computer screen ) are installed just behind the unusual steering wheel - its center remains stationary, only the rim rotates . At the very beginning, it is necessary to point out a significant drawback of the C5 to Citroen: there is no real cup holder for the driver and passenger . In terms of the spaciousness of the cabin, the C5 turns out to be quite sufficient, four people will comfortably sit inside, along with 533 liters of luggage - the boot lid opens and closes electrically for an extra charge.

In practice

The great advantage of the C5 interior is its functionality. The real curiosity in the estate version is the button located on the right side of the trunk. Thanks to it, we can only lower or raise the rear of the vehicle , which will greatly facilitate loading and connecting the trailer . The biggest advantage of the C5 (in richer versions) is the hydroactive suspension Hydroactive 3+ . Contrary to conventional solutions - the French chassis adjusts the ground clearance and hardness to the current road conditions . As a result, almost no shocks and suspension noise penetrate the cab.

When towing a caravan ( with a total weight of up to 1900 kg ), we will appreciate the fact that, regardless of the car's load, the suspension always maintains the same ground clearance - this has a positive effect on the caravan's driving behavior . Among the offered engines, the most sensible choice seems to be the 2.0 HDI diesel generating 163 HP and 340 Nm, coupled as standard with a manual six-speed gearbox . Traveling without much load, the replaced engine will fully meet our expectations, also in terms of operating costs. Fuel consumption fluctuates around 7-8 in the city, 5.5 on the road , and when towing a caravan, we have to prepare for a result higher by two liters .

Citroen C5 powered by the aforementioned unit is valued in showrooms at around PLN 130,000, of course with extensive equipment on board. Nevertheless, due to traditional discounts from Citroen, we will buy it much cheaper.

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