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Hymer has refreshed the top series of Eriba Nova S caravans, but the new price does not deter. Previously, the difference between the cheaper SL model and the more expensive S was 6,000. euro. Now it is enough to pay extra 3,000. euro to spend your holidays in a high-end caravan.

From the outside, we will recognize the Nova S model mainly by details, such as chrome handles and two-color alloy wheels. The brand new tail lights are also eye-catching. LEDs not only look good, but also take up less space inside the vehicle. It is known that in a caravan, every centimeter of space is worth its weight in gold.

High gloss

You can feel a breath of luxury after entering the caravan. The dark wood-colored finish in the seating area fits perfectly with the cream finish of the kitchen (with high-gloss cabinets and drawers).

It is also worth taking a look at the ceiling, completely covered with fabric, with aesthetically delineated zones. The appropriate light supply is provided by both the roof window and the ceiling lamp located above the table finished with a chrome strip. But there are still small ceiling lights around the window and lamps, and additional lighting was found, among others. above the kitchen countertop. Users also have access to touch-activated reading lamps .

Speaking of light, let's also mention the new Roman blinds , which resemble curtains - they allow you to protect the interior of the caravan from prying eyes, while allowing daylight into the interior.


One of the most interesting elements of the equipment is the coffee machine , which can be pulled out from the cupboard above the kitchen counter when you want to prepare a hot drink, or you can slide it inside with one hand movement when you do not want it to interfere with cooking.

Another interesting feature is the designer bathroom corner - behind the rounded washbasin you will find an illuminated glass pane with a floral pattern . We have not seen anything like this in any other motorhome.

Hidden cables and other equipment

But let's move on to the practical issues. An important innovation, although not visible to the naked eye, are special installation channels (accessible both from inside and outside the vehicle), in which all cables and pipes have been hidden. Thanks to this, they do not limit the space, e.g. in luggage compartments, and there is no risk that they will be damaged by accident.

The standard equipment of the Erba S can be considered good, but many items require an extra charge. The standard includes, for example, a frost-resistant 50-liter fresh water tank and a 25-liter waste water container. If we want the latter to contain all the used water, we have to pay extra. The trailer was equipped with the Truma 6 system with a 10-liter boiler for heating water, but the heating connection is already a paid option.


Fortunately, additional payments do not require double-glazed windows, a 1.5 mx 2.0 m bed , or a 148-liter fridge. An option is a package that includes a 22-inch LCD TV set with a triple tuner, DVD, an audio system and speakers built into the walls.

If we want to replace the fabric upholstery with ecological leather, made of recycled materials, we will pay 990 euros. However, if we dream of a real Napoli leather , we will have to fork out 2,200 euros.

The price of modernity

Also worth mentioning is the thick floor (51mm) made of GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Resin) with no wood parts, and the optional GRP coating on the roof. Polyurethane foam insulation is used between the inner and outer (aluminum) walls. The curved roof track links the roof and side walls together.

And finally - the price. In Germany, the Eriba Nova S 545 model costs approx. 33 thousand. euro . The caravan has a French double bed and a double convertible sleeping place in the dining area. The S 545 is 750 cm long and 240 cm wide.

Two longer variants are also available for sale: S 620 (823 cm) and S 690 (870 cm). In the "middle" version, the sleeping area has two separate sleeping places (instead of a double bed). In the longest variant, we find an additional sofa, thanks to which up to five people can sleep in the caravan.

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