Bürstner Premio Life - a good start to a caravanning adventure

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The segment of light, functional caravans has enjoyed unflagging interest for many years. There are many players, but in terms of trends, design and technical solutions, several leading brands with the longest tradition and the greatest reputation are in the lead. These include the German brand Bürstner.

Under the original German slogan "wohnfühlen" (or rather a play on words) there is a combination of "living" and "feeling". The intention of the authors of the new brand philosophy was to create the impression of a home hearth, safety and coziness. Convenience-warmth-safety - such a German equivalent of the Scandinavian "hygge". However, enough linguistic delights - today we take you on board Premio Life caravans, which are the perfect way to start your caravanning adventure.

6 compact layouts


The Premio Life series includes 6 variants with total lengths from 615 to 715 cm (the lengths of the bodies themselves are approx. 120 cm shorter). The width of the building is only 212 cm, which translates into maneuverability and maneuverability on the road. The permissible total weight ranges from 1100 to 1200 kg. Most popular tugs can handle them. Of course, I'm talking about the base versions. Depending on the model, the optional increase in GVM can increase our loading reserves from a modest 190 kg to an impressive almost 450 (eg Premio Life 425 TS with a GVW of 1360 instead of 1100 kg).

Trailers with the dimensions mentioned here are usually associated with systems for 3/4-person families. Out of the 6 variants offered, three are adapted to 3 people, two for 4 people, and one (the largest) will provide a sleeping place for up to 6 travelers. Interestingly, even the shortest model can accommodate 4 people thanks to a practical layout equipped with a bunk bed.

Design without compromise


After 4 years from the introduction of the Premio Life line to the offer, the designers introduced a lot of modifications and improvements, and the current version can boldly be proud of the name of a new, thoroughly refreshed proposal. What do we gain? From the outside, the series makes a really good and solid impression. the front and rear walls as well as the roof are covered with a laminate of polyester resins, which ensures not only durability, but also resistance to weather conditions (especially hail). The sheathing of these structural elements from the outside is also relatively easy to repair in the event of damage.

The safe AL-KO chassis increases comfort on the road (a stabilizing hitch and shock absorbers are an option). Double glazing with integrated blackout blinds is a practical piece of equipment that everyone will appreciate. The exterior line is modern, with beautifully designed vertical rear lights adding to the charm.

The thicknesses of the floor, walls and roof are 38/28/28 mm respectively - enough to provide thermal insulation and rigidity of the structure, and at the same time not enough not to lift the GVM and make the most efficient use of space in a compact building.

Bürstner class interior


Designers recognize Premio Life as one of the most successful metamorphoses over the years. And you can really feel at home here. The bright interior invites you inside, and in the evening the pleasant halogen lighting will take care of the mood. Each of the layouts has a living room with comfortable seats, and the beds are equipped with high-quality frames / grates and cold foam mattresses.

High-quality fittings and soft-close mechanisms in kitchen drawers in combination with a 3-burner stove create ideal conditions for preparing meals. The standard equipment includes gas heating , a 90-liter refrigerator (142l on the 415TK, 425TS and 480TS models). The available extension packages allow the addition of larger skylights, an on-board battery, a permanent water tank with a capacity of 44 liters (instead of the standard 12 liters).

Durable and durable sheathing and solid construction of the German brand are a guarantee of maintaining the value. Premio Life is the perfect house on wheels to start your caravanning adventure.

The importer of Bürstner caravans and motorhomes is Bürstner Polska ( www.buerstner.pl ) - a list of available models:
https://www.buerstner.pl/ Sprzedaż-kamperow-i-przotyk-kawodowych/

Authorized dealers are also Elcamp in Krakow ( www.elcamp.pl ) and Warsaw Caravanning Center ( www.wcc.pl )

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