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Wilk is a brand that belongs to the German group Knaus Tabbert. The mission of the company founded by Helmut Wilk is now to offer caravans, which are distinguished by a particularly favorable price-quality ratio.

Wolf trailers do not attract attention with their extravagant appearance. Their characteristic feature is the classic look, which should inspire confidence especially among conservative customers. Each Wilk trailer is covered by a 2-year mechanical warranty and a 6-year warranty for the tightness of the body.

Wilk's offer currently includes three basic models of trailers: Vida, Sento, Eterno . As a separate model, Vida Natura is also available, which is characterized by extensive equipment (e.g. bicycle racks are standard).

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Small but clever

Let's take a look at the basic model - Vida . This trailer is available in eight versions .

The cheapest one is called FD 420 . The total length in this case is 649 cm , but we have 444 cm to use. The width of the trailer is 232 cm (216 cm) inside. Height - 257 cm (196 cm in the center of the cabin). In running order, the trailer weighs 1,110 kg , with an additional load of up to 260 kg. 4 people can travel on the Little Vida.

It must be admitted that the interior, despite its small size, has been reasonably planned. Although the shower and toilet are located behind the door next to the bed, the washbasin itself is still installed in the living area , cleverly using a piece of free space between the wardrobe and the bathroom door, by covering it with shallow cabinets and a small washbasin with a mirror above it. The part with the washbasin can be separated from the living area with a sliding roller shutter.

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A lot of light

Spacious cabinets suspended from the ceiling can be enjoyable. The ones hanging over the kitchen worktop are especially large. The table top was additionally illuminated with two round LED lamps. Lamps are also located above the entrance, and the skylights have been illuminated in the form of slats surrounding them. Adjustable lamps are also placed in the living area - above the table, and in the sleeping area - above the double bed.

The three-burner stove is located next to the window. Next to it, there is a place for a round sink with a small drainer. Of course, both the stove and the sink can be covered, thereby increasing the surface of the worktop. A 110-liter Dometic refrigerator is also standard.

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Night on the floor

Bunk beds are an interesting solution. We can find them in the versions 490 KM, 550 DM and in the longest Vida - 700 DM . The total length of this caravan is 895 cm, and the so-called effective length is 690 cm. The permissible total weight is 2000 kg. The trailer can be loaded with a weight of 420 kg.

Up to 6 people can sleep in such a Vida and at least 4 people will be able to sleep really comfortably. The caravan is so spacious that the living room has space for two tables with surrounding sofas. However, more of the interior was not used to enlarge the bathroom.

In Germany, the smallest Vida is available for approx. 13 thousand. euro . The largest one may cost about 22 thousand. euro .

Vida the wolf - the voice of reason – image 1
Vida the wolf - the voice of reason – image 2
Vida the wolf - the voice of reason – image 3
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