Nest and Mogo - dreams that are hard to come true

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If you don't know yet what to ask Santa Claus this year, we have two tips for you. We hope you would enjoy such a gift, but… there is a problem. Getting these trailers is not just a matter of money. That is why we think the intervention of a Saint would be very useful here.

Nest - composites and self-supporting body

Slightly rounded trailers, reminiscent of vehicles from years ago, have been experiencing their renaissance for a long time - especially in the United States. Nest (literally "Nest") is in line with the trend, according to which the caravan should look both classic and modern. But fresh and simply great design is not everything in this case.

The distinguishing feature of the Nest is primarily the self-supporting body , which means that in this vehicle the frame has been integrated into the body. The body is made of glass fiber, while the stability of the structure is ensured by a steel pipe embedded in the composites.

The trailer weighs 907 kilograms and is 5 meters long. The height of the cabin is 206 cm at the highest point, and 191 cm at the lowest point. The Nest is equipped with an electric braking system, LED lighting and a full-size spare wheel. The vehicle is entered through the rear door.


The layout of the interior of the caravan is not very typical - it may be surprising, for example, that the gas stove is located on the opposite side of the sink. However, we should not complain about the lack of comfort. There is space for a queen-size bed (with a spring mattress), a 105-liter fridge-freezer, a bathroom with a shower (the water tank is 76 liters). The electrical system is equipped with a 105 Ah battery with a converter. There is also a remote-controlled roof fan, gas detector and smoke detector.

The Nest project was created as part of a start-up, and the trailer was to go on sale in 2015. Currently (end of 2016), the project is under the wings of the Airstream brand, and the American manufacturer admits the delay on the website .

This does not mean, however, that the project was abandoned, but rather that a well-known brand decided to refine details that might have eluded young designers. So there is still a chance that Nest will go on sale, although now the premiere is planned for 2017.

Mogo - the perfect trailer for minimalists

If you are close to the ideals of "slow food", "slow life" and you believe that "less is more", it is very possible that you will fall in love with this caravan at first sight. The producer of Mogo Freedom claims (on Facebook) that his caravan is part of "glamping", that is, the fashion for camping in a luxurious style (from "glamor"). However, she immediately adds that this luxury is freedom from any limitations that modern life causes.


What is most special about Mogo is that ... it is empty inside. After lifting the door, or rather the wall of the vehicle, we see a mattress that covers the entire surface of the trailer. During the trip, the mattress can be placed under the ceiling, and even bikes, surfboards or kayaks can be placed below. It is the lack of permanent furniture that is a significant advantage here.

However, this does not mean that we have to forget, for example, about cooking. We can engage in this type of activity outside by setting up a portable set in front of the trailer. Then the side wall no longer functions as a door, but becomes the roof of the kitchen tent .

The dimensions of this trailer are 3.7 mx 1.91 mx 1.95 m, the last parameter is height. The trailer weighs 350 kg , and you can take up to 400 kg of luggage on board. It is worth mentioning that any loads can be transported not only under the (hanging) mattress, but also under the floor, which is one big compartment.

Structurally, the Mogo trailer combines elements of balsa wood and plastics used in the maritime industry. Apparently, such a combination provides better resistance and insulation than, for example, aluminum or glass fiber. The whole thing is glued and bolted on the chassis provided by Al-Ko .

Unfortunately, the problem is that, as in the case of Nest, it is not possible to buy Mogo at the moment. Zolo's Facebook activity died down in 2015, the online store doesn't exist, and the official website shows only a few photos and social media links.

It remains to believe that Santa Claus has some access and knows how to get these highly original gifts for us anyway.

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