Dethleffs Coco - a lightweight and multifunctional trailer

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Although shrouded in mystery, or maybe because of that, the Dethleffs Coco caravan was one of the biggest sensations of the 2017 Caravanning Show. And although it is still a prototype, it is to be mass-produced next year.

Ultralight, multifunctional and beautiful - this, according to the manufacturer, is the Coco caravan.

Lightness above all else

In fact, rounded edges can be enjoyed, and the curved front with a panoramic longitudinal window, above which there is another (roof) window, attracts attention. This caravan cannot be confused with any other, although… You can see some similarities (lots of glazing, longitudinal windshield, simple, light and modern styled interior) to the BaseCamp model of the British brand Swift . It's just that the weight of the British is at least 891 kg, while Dethleffs claims that his caravan will weigh ... 638 kg .


How was this result achieved? Well, that's what remains a mystery. The manufacturer did not disclose information about the construction of the trailer, so we know as much as you can see with the naked eye. In addition to the composite structure of the trailer, the low weight has been achieved, among others by using fabric drawers and pockets attached to the wall. Anyway, we can be sure that each element of this trailer's equipment was assessed and optimized in terms of the lowest possible weight.

But not only because the second priority was multifunctionality, which Dethleffs is happy to boast about.

There is everything multifunction here

The name Coco itself comes from the word "cocoon", so this caravan is supposed to wrap the passengers like a cocoon and make them feel comfortable despite the small area. The trailer measures 4.25 meters (5.85 meters with the drawbar), 2.33 meters wide and 2.33 meters high.

Entering Coco, you will find the kitchen under the window on the right. A two-burner gas cooker and a sink are embedded in the worktop. But not only in the kitchen, all equipment elements look modern. The combination of white with upholstered accents in other colors helps in this. In the place of handles in cabinets and wardrobe there are holes, which allows you to get an interesting effect and ... even save some weight.


The concave door in the corner of the kitchen attracts attention. It was behind them that the toilet was hidden. There is also a sink, but it has been hidden so cleverly that an uninitiated person can search for it for a long time. To get to it, you need to open the locker. So we open it, but you still can't see the washbasin! Well, the wash basin consists of the door itself , opening from top to bottom! The battery, on the other hand, is located in the back of the cabinet.

Opposite the kitchen you will find a living room with a table and U-shaped sofas. The sofas, when unfolded, will become a bed over two meters wide, while the subtly bent table has been attached to the rail on the wall . Thanks to this, we can move it closer to the kitchen or closer to the rest area.

There are quite spacious upper cabinets suspended under the ceiling, which almost surround Coco's interior. But that's not the end of interesting facts. The only thing that seems quite classic in this vehicle is the wardrobe - ordinary like at home, and at the same time very roomy. But that's not all!

Instead of a TV set, the manufacturer installed a screen that slides out of the upper cabinet like a roller blind. The association is all the more accurate as the screen covers the window. The projector is hidden in the cupboard on the opposite side. The whole set takes up less space than a typical TV tuner with an LCD screen.


Thanks to the large number of windows, a lot of light enters the interior of the caravan, and additionally, LED lamps have been installed. All windows can be opened - this also applies to the large "stern" window of the caravan and the skylight.

A trailer with a terrace

We can also find an interesting solution outside. Along with the caravan, awnings have also been designed, which create an area of 25 square meters around the caravan. And to the chassis there are fabric storage compartments , in which, for example, you can put your shoes during a stop at the campsite.

Dethfless announces that the production version will take into account the comments collected from visitors during the fair in Dusseldorf. The issue of serial production is, however, supposedly a settled and next year the Coco caravan should go to the roads. Then it will also finally turn out whether in practice it will be possible to keep the record low weight ... As for the fact that the caravan will turn out to be beautiful and functional, we have no doubts.

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