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The Eriba brand belongs to the Hymer group, which is just celebrating its 60th anniversary. On this occasion, we can count on special models, prepared especially to celebrate this jubilee. Eriba Exciting 60 Edition is such a unique trailer.

Eriba Exciting has been designed as a family caravan - so families will be the best testers of this model. The manufacturer, praising this model, emphasizes its modern design , a large number of various compartments and equipment that allows you to use the trailer also in winter.

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As for the design itself, from the outside, the caravan does not differ radically from its competitors, although in fact - especially the rear belt with aggressive lights may be liked. The jubilee version has been enriched with an additional marking, so that no one will miss the fact that we are dealing with a unique trailer.

Lizard leather and retro buttons

The interior stands out much more. In the "unlimited" version, the manufacturer proposed quite bold combinations - eg gray and navy blue upholstery in combination with solid brown furniture and two-color wood. For example, the refrigerator door may be darker than the rest of the refrigerator.

The jubilee version is more subdued, although the manufacturer also focused on originality - for example, the upper cabinets may have a part covered with dark coffee varnish, and below they are covered with an imitation of lizard skin .


The exclusive impression is completed by the chrome handles. Another distinguishing feature of the 60th anniversary edition are armchairs with large buttons , which - according to the manufacturer - is supposed to bring a bit of retro atmosphere to a modern interior. Additionally, the countertops, characteristic for this version, are covered with a material resistant to fingerprints .

Lots of sleeping space

Eriba Exciting 60 Edition is available in two variants - 505 (654 cm long without the drawbar and 230 cm wide) and 550 (679 cm long without the drawbar and 250 cm wide).

cv_exciting_505_vermasst_editjpg Both models have two single bunk beds at the rear of the trailer and double beds at the front. It is also possible to lay out two additional sleeping places in the kitchen part - as a result, up to 6 people can sleep in the caravan!

A bedroom with a bathroom can be separated from the rest by a sliding wooden or folding door . The differences between the two systems mainly boil down to more spaciousness in the 550 model.

Thousands of euros in the package

The main benefit of purchasing the anniversary version is to be the possibility of promotional retrofitting of the trailer. Paying 990 euros, we can get a package, which, according to the manufacturer, is worth as much as 5,490 euros. In addition to the stylistic set of the interior, it includes, among others, aluminum shell of the trailer, Truma water heater , a set of aluminum rims or a plastic drawbar cover.


Standard equipment includes, among others, GRP roof, brakes with enhanced braking force, foam mattresses, awnings with LED lighting and motion sensors, full LED lighting in the interior, panoramic roof (dimensions 80x50 cm) in the living room, 44- liter fresh water tank and a storage compartment (garage) for transporting and storing large items.

When buying, it is also worth considering the extra charge for Eriba + Raum System , which allows you to obtain more storage space thanks to the lowering of the floor in its middle part. As a result, part of the installation can be hidden below the floor surface and more equipment can be stored upstairs.

If price matters ...

Eriba Exciting 60 Edition 505 in the basic version costs 22,380 euro (already with the jubilee package), while the price of the 550 model starts from 23,580 euro . However, if we resign from the limited version, there will be nearly 1,000 euros less to pay.

The savings can be even greater if we decide on the smaller version of the Exciting model - prices in Germany start from 18,890 EUR for a 525 cm long trailer (without the drawbar). In this case, however, we cannot count on lizard skin or fingerprint-resistant countertops ...

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