Flagstaff and Rockwood - the original Americans

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Do you think you've seen everything? I guess you are wrong after all. Forest River offers caravans that are partly made of plastic and partly of fabric. In addition, elements of the material can extend far beyond the outline of the body ...

Is it a tent? Is that a trailer? It's hard to say, actually. Certainly, however, the American Flagstaff and Rockwood constructions are original. Forest River vehicles are a combination of a trailer and a tent. This solution has several advantages.

A small and light caravan

When traveling, the car can pull a small and light trailer, which should be much easier to drive. The unladen weight is, depending on the version (and there are 31 of them for each of both models!), About 1200-1400 kg .

The dimensions of the trailers are also different - the smallest versions are 3 meters long when folded, the longest - about 5 meters. However, when unfolded , the large model can grow to 8.5 meters , and the smallest to 4.6 meters.

From small to large

The possibility of folding the trailer to larger dimensions is its next advantage. We haul a small vehicle when traveling, but we already have a lot of space at the campsite.

The downside is, of course, the mere need to unfold, but the placement (in some versions) of sleeping places in tents protruding beyond the outline of the body can be considered a big plus.

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Equipment like in a motorhome

Thanks to the original solutions, a small caravan can turn into a full-size place to spend the night for at least four people, but not only. Water tank, toilet, oven, refrigerator - such equipment allows you to fully enjoy the freedom of camping.

The equipment includes, among others heated mattress , bedside lamp with fan, ceiling fan or air conditioning. Instead of a wardrobe, we will get a clothes hanger.

Modular guerrilla warfare

It must be admitted, however, that some of the solutions can be classified as truly partisan. Not all versions have a shower inside. However, it is possible to connect it outside. It is similar with the grill, which is attached to the outer wall of the caravan. Drawers that slide out to the outside of the vehicle can be used for many purposes.

The toilet, which can actually be called… potty, may also be surprising. Well, it has been hidden in one of the furniture. Raise the bench, and under it we find a toilet seat , not fenced off from the rest of the vehicle in any way. It may be an uncomfortable solution ...

Disadvantages of a caravan

Unfortunately, Flagstaff and Rockwood have a lot of flaws. An outside shower or a toilet without a cabin are serious disadvantages. Europeans will not necessarily like the old-fashioned interior. The biggest problem, however, is the need to fold and unfold the trailer during each camping trip.

The trailer must first be stabilized, then the roof must be raised and the tent elements set up. After that, you still have to dismantle all the interior fittings. It may take several hours for an inexperienced user, although in the tutorial video the operation takes 8 minutes.

The cost of the trailer must also be taken into account. The price in the US exceeds 20,000. dollars.

However, if you would like to be truly original, consider this purchase seriously. Gaining the attention of other campsite users is guaranteed.

Similar camp-let caravans are available on the European market, but in a slightly smaller form.

Flagstaff and Rockwood - the original Americans – image 1
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