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The purchase of a new motorhome is almost always associated with an expense well exceeding PLN 100,000 - this amount increases significantly with the growing expectations of the customer. A caravan is a much cheaper alternative to a well-equipped motorhome. The only obvious requirement for such a choice is a car suitable for towing a trailer of about 1.5 tons. In the Hobby catalog, we can find, among others, the Excellent model.

The trailer received a single-axle chassis. Of course, while driving, we are assisted by an overrun brake . The white body has been varied with stickers - the customer can opt out of them if he wishes. In the front part of the trailer there is no box - usually mounted on a drawbar. Place for gas cylinders is provided in the built-in lockable compartment . Contrary to the structures from years ago, the gutters used to attach the vestibules almost do not protrude beyond the outline of the car body. It is worth adding that users have a closed vestibule at their disposal.

An interior for everyone

When entering the trailer, it is a good idea to turn left. On the back of the trailer, we can relax on a semicircular sofa surrounding a huge table . It only takes a few moments to transform a sofa into a spacious bed for two. It is worth adding that we can collect all the things needed on vacation under the ceiling - lockers will guarantee order . Right next to the front door, between the semicircular shelves, an optional TV can be mounted on an adjustable bracket. Thanks to him, even a momentary lack of topics for conversation will not break the rest.

Kitchen matters

On the other side of the interior, the manufacturer decided to place a kitchenette . The tilting window behind the gas stove will work as a makeshift hood, and next to it we have a sink with running water . Importantly - both the stove and the sink can be covered with glass covers - obtaining a long and flat table top , useful when preparing meals. Below there is a refrigerator, spacious drawers and cabinets .

It's time to rest

In the vicinity of the kitchen part, we can use a small bathroom with a chemical toilet and a washbasin . Ladies will also appreciate a wide mirror and a huge number of cabinets and shelves . Opposite it is a tall wardrobe with space for Truma central heating . In the front part of the caravan, the household members have at their disposal - depending on the selected option - a wide, double bed or two separate beds with free space between them.

We can buy a Hobby Excellent caravan for 15,990 - 18,510 euro . When configuring your own copy, you can choose from numerous patterns and shades of upholstery and furniture. Depending on personal expectations and preferences, we can also choose from several available interior configurations .

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