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The Turkish company was founded in 2009. Shortly thereafter, small trailers began to be designed in Istanbul. The flagship proposal is the smallest model. Pi2010 was presented at the previous Caravan Salon fair.

Micro-trailers are on the periphery of the caravanning market, although they provide an opportunity to popularize motor tourism among the owners of the smallest cars (city cars, electric cars, and finally oldtimers), which can rarely tow trailers weighing more than 750 kg. The presented proposal is so surprising that its height evokes associations with "adult" projects. After all, we will not park it in the garage, because the height of the structure is 225 cm.

400 kg

In the side projection, its shape resembles a drop of water. The rear axle is to guarantee decent traction - after all, the designers decided to use components from the renowned AL-KO company. The design speed in the set with the Pi2010 is 100 km / h. The fiberglass housing is only 210 cm long, 165 cm wide and the same height (these are the dimensions of the interior). With standard equipment, it weighs 400 kg, which guarantees that it can be used in a set even with micro-cars.


Four on board

The originators believe that the deck will be a comfortable place for feasts for four travelers. And indeed. The interior layout is a large table and two benches, a mini-kitchenette with a one-burner stove, a sink, a 50-liter water tank and that's ... practically enough, apart from the ceiling shelves for hand luggage. Quite Spartan interior arrangement is dictated by the desire to reduce the weight and ... the price. For example, the shelves of the kitchenette are equipped with curtains instead of traditional doors. On the other side from the door opening, there is still room for a refrigerator. After dusk, the table is part of the bedroom frame for two (120x200 cm). The modest cubic capacity means that the campsite should be “asked to leave” to the tent vestibule, because it also complements the caravan.

6,490 euros

For this price, we become Pi2010 owners. This proposal is the most popular among the Dutch famous for their minimalism. We will also find a dealer of a Turkish company there. Although the production program also includes several larger models of caravans - the 280 Cachalote model measures nearly 3 meters in length, it is Pi2010 that is the most popular (more information at: There is even a fun club for the owners of trailers, which are the work of a Turkish designer. Faruk Karatan is not only a famous designer, but also a Turkish artist who cultivates the traditions of… folk music. So Pino's unleavened design is probably no coincidence.

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