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Eura Mobil kamper van

The market of motorhomes based on the so-called in recent years, it has developed phenomenally. Even brands that have not been operating in this segment so far have already taken steps to show themselves. The landscape of manufacturers offering this type of development is wide - from budget models to premium models, everyone will find something for themselves here. The German brand Eura Mobil, belonging to the Trigano concern, is definitely associated with "top" designs and, apart from perfect semi-integrated and integrated motorhomes, has recently been trying to enter the more compact segment. Although the brand for a moment introduced a campervan built on the basis of Fiat in 2009, the company, due to little interest at that time, decided that another company belonging to it should remain a specialist in this segment - namely Karmann-Mobil . After several years, the offer of the manufacturer from Sprendlingen returns to 3 system proposals - all based on the new Ducato.

Before we get into the details, it's worth noting that Eura doesn't even pretend to be a tasty morsel for bargain hunters. Most of the tests published in the foreign press prove that, in direct comparison with "popular" competitors, vehicles of this brand are more than a few thousand Euro more expensive (even than Adria, which has considerable achievements in this segment). Upon closer examination, the difference seems obvious. Both the design advancement and the equipment elements seem to justify this cost to a large extent.

One short and two longer

This is the manufacturer's model collection in a nutshell. Each vehicle has a GVM of 3,500 kg. They differ in the location and shape / design of the beds in the rear part. However, the layout at the front is common - from the front we have airline, swivel seats, a table with a recess (useful, for example, to secure drinks while driving) and a 2-person sofa with seat belts. A large panoramic window in the "cap" above the cab perfectly illuminates the interior. The interior is 189 cm high. On the left from the entrance, we are greeted by a solid worktop with a 3-burner gas stove and a covered sink.

Numerous drawers in the lower part and a suspended cupboard under the ceiling will accommodate everything you need while traveling. Overhead lockers surround the vehicle with plenty of storage space for luggage and clothing. There is a large fridge next to the kitchen, and a fully functional bathroom with a rotating wall opposite - we have a toilet, sink and shower. We will take 100 liters of clean water and 90 liters of gray water on board in the V595HB / V635EB models, and 85/75 liters in the V635EB models, respectively. Now about the differences ... The V595HB is 599 cm long and the crosswise rear bed measures 183 x 153 cm. Its base weight in running order is according to manufacturer's declaration 2 910 kg.

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V635HB with a length of 636 cm is a model with a lifted, longitudinal bed measuring 185x158 cm, under which it is possible to transport bulky luggage - e.g. bicycles or even a scooter. The weight of the road-ready vehicle is 3,065 kg. The V635EB (the second model with a length of 636 cm) has two single beds connected, measuring 191x77 cm and 178x75 cm, and weighs 3045 kg. Each of the above motorhomes has 4 seats with seat belts and 2 (standard) to 3 (optional) sleeping places.

Why Eura Mobil campervan?

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The vehicles themselves - as it happens - gain the most from closer acquaintance. The first element worth paying attention to inside is covering the walls with material (roof) and eco-leather (walls). This makes the living space extremely cozy. Mood lighting, numerous high-quality sockets and adaptation for winter use are additional advantages. We have a wide range of engine options to choose from - in addition to the standard 120 HP engine, the list of options also includes 140, 160 and 180 HP versions (each of the above mentioned with a displacement of 2.3 l), as well as an extremely successful automatic gearbox. Several additional equipment packages will allow you to personalize the vehicle and adapt it to your individual needs. There is no room for experimentation in the Eura Mobil campervans offer. Nobody tries to reinvent the wheel here, the manufacturer focuses on proven (read popular / selling) variants - it's understandable. The packaging (Fiat Ducato) also does not differ visually from the rest of the range. The real strengths and advantages lie inside - and in the details. In addition to the renowned Karmann, it is certainly one of the best options for demanding customers looking for a car for years. The full Eura Mobil offer and additional information about the brand can be found at .

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