Eura Mobil Profila RS - a motorhome with a hidden bed

Eura Mobil Profila RS - a motorhome with a hidden bed – main image

Eura Mobil has developed the Profila RS semi-integrated motorhome, which is a development of the Profila Alcove and Profila T series.

In the case of the traditional model with an alcove, there is an additional recess above the seats of the driver and passenger, which, to put it mildly, does not add charm to the entire vehicle. Profila T has a suspended bed, which, however, takes up a lot of space inside. Against this background, the Profila RS model seems revolutionary.

Light and clever

Instead of an unsightly alcove, we have a large window that looks nice from the outside and lets in a lot of light. The only thing missing from happiness is that it should be opened.

The surface protruding above the standard roof is aesthetically formed and made of light FRP material (a type of polyester resins). The same material was used in the construction of the walls, and the floor was additionally made of thin plywood and polystyrene.

Most importantly, however, is the appearance of the suspended bed from the inside. Its greatest advantage is that you cannot see it. After folding the bed , it creates a flat surface with the roof line , and the light ceiling attached to the bottom enhances the impression that it is an ordinary ceiling, not the bottom of the bed.

However, it is enough to pull the handle hidden in the ceiling recess to unfold a quite spacious sleeping place with dimensions of 1.93 x 1.40 meters .

We can also be pleasantly surprised after going up. It is probably pleasant to admire the sky visible through the glass, but we are not doomed to counting stars. We also have elegant reading lamps and open shelves on which a small collection of books and magazines can easily fit.

Listing the advantages of the Profila RS model, it is also worth mentioning the double floor with two large storage compartments . If that was not enough, there is a mini-garage in the rear part of the vehicle, which can easily accommodate even bikes. All these advantages will certainly be appreciated by motorhome rentals and will buy this vehicle to their offer.

In two lengths

The motorhome is available in three versions. The 660 HB model measures 6.99 meters in length , has a bathroom integrated with a shower, and a double bed in the back is placed along the back wall. The kitchen worktop has a simple layout.

However, the versions 720 QB and 720 EB with a length of 7.4 meters seem to be more recommendable. In these variants, the bathrooms are separated from the shower cubicles, and the opening of the toilet door simultaneously separates the bedroom-bathroom part from the living area . The kitchen may be L-shaped, but there is also a spring edition with an S-shaped kitchen.

However, the tests of the Profila S model also showed some minor flaws. For example, by placing cabinets under the low ceiling line, the door opens at the forehead height for tall people, which can be very inconvenient. On the other hand, short people may have difficulty climbing the high bed in the back of the motorhome. Better light in the shower could also be used.

In general, however, the car is well lit. A lot of light comes through the windows, and the vehicle is also richly equipped with artificial light in a warm color .

Users will also appreciate the 175-liter refrigerator and the 150-liter fresh water tank . There is also a 10 liter boiler. The gray water tank has a capacity of 100 liters. A heated and insulated waste water tank is installed in the motorhome.

In Germany, the Profila RS costs from 48,380 to 53,880 euros (for the basic versions).

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