Integra - the largest Eura Mobil motorhome

Integra - the largest Eura Mobil motorhome – main image

It looks original and is well equipped. The Integra model is the "top" motorhome of the German company Eura Mobil, so it should be an excellent showcase of the manufacturer's skills. are this is in reality?

I don't quite know what the problem is - but I get the impression that Eura Mobil has a problem and it concerns bathrooms. Many models of this brand use a solution that means that to use the toilet it is necessary to go through the shower tray.

This can be explained in very small motorhomes, although some manufacturers of small motorhomes have been able to find better solutions. But in Eura Mobil cars, even medium-sized vehicles, e.g. some Integra Line versions, have a toilet connected to a shower tray.

The bathroom is cramped, but the kitchen is comfortable

Integra - the largest motorhome in the offer of the German manufacturer, fortunately has an elegant shower cubicle separated from the bathroom. The cabin itself cannot be faulted - glazed, with overhead lighting resembling a starry sky, it is comfortable and modern. Unfortunately, the toilet is a different story - this time it is difficult to use the washbasin, because the toilet seat can make access to it difficult ... And it would seem that vehicles with a length of 8.44 m, 8.52 m and 8.95 m are large enough to provide users with sufficient comfort.

The kitchen part looks good - the L-shaped glass top is relatively large and aesthetically rounded. A 3-burner gas cooker and a sink are nicely integrated into it. You should appreciate the LED lighting, which is placed both in the sunroof and above the cabinets. Even the kitchen counter and the bar are illuminated. It is a pity that the additional alcove hidden under the ceiling in the front part of the vehicle takes up a lot of light - so two reading lamps mounted in the bottom of the mattress will be all the more useful. The lighting is dimmable.

A slightly different Fiat Ducato

What, apart from lighting, can be liked about Integra? The device control panel and sockets have been discreetly hidden in a lockable compartment. Two-color furniture or a quilted alcove are not everything. Thanks to the high floor, the car also has a large external compartment.

What else can we find in the Integra model? The car is based, like most vehicles of this type, on Fiat Ducato with a 130 HP diesel engine (more powerful versions are also available). For the driver, large bus mirrors, Al-Ko chassis, ABS and cruise control can be important. He will also be pleased with the Alde 3010 heating and air conditioning in the driver's cabin. The body is made of fiberglass.

Massage as standard

Inside there are antibacterial carpets, a door separating the day zone from the night zone, a bed with adjustable headrest, and even orthopedic mattresses with a massage function! The fridge-freezer has a capacity of 190 liters, but the kitchen is also equipped with an oven, drawers with a soft-close function and a pull-out tray for a coffee machine.

The clean water tank has a capacity of 200 liters, and the waste water container - 150 liters - it must be admitted that this is a lot. In most European motorhomes, the tanks have a capacity of approx. 100 liters. In Integra you will also find more sockets than usual - 2 12V sockets, 3 230V sockets and a charging station with a USB port.

The cheapest Integra costs 113,690 euros in Germany. For this money, we get an interesting vehicle and in some respects better equipped than its competitors. Only this bathroom ...

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