Euramobil Profila T 726 QF - the new premium semi-integrated

Euramobil Profila T 726 QF - the new premium semi-integrated – main image

The new MB Sprinter-based Profila cannot be compared to popular family layouts. It is a model tailored for a couple, although by ordering a few modifications we are able to create additional seats for passengers and sleeping space.

The 726QF is 761 cm long, 232 cm wide and 292 cm high, and the rear frame is from AL-KO. Combined with the base Sprinter, this modern combination is convincing – both in terms of design, equipment and driving characteristics. The internal clearance is 197.5 cm, which is a reasonable height even for taller people. The building is made of high-quality XPS insulation (extruded polystyrene) with a laminate sheathing, and the thickness of the elements is respectively - walls 30 mm, roof 30 mm, floor 38 mm.

The curb weight, assuming standard equipment in accordance with Directive 1230/2012, is 3,155 kg. The base GVW of 3,500 kg basically confirms that the target group is mainly couples.

Convenience and independence

Euramobil Profila T 726 QF

The interior in the salon at the front of the vehicle is arranged comfortably and functionally. The driver's and passenger's seats are, of course, equipped with turntables, and right behind them we will find a comfortable face-to-face sofa arrangement and a central, foldable table that facilitates movement around the vehicle (after folding, we can comfortably go from the front to the rear of the vehicle without having to squeeze through). In total, up to 6 people can sit comfortably in the living room.

Opposite the entrance, there is a kitchen - it may not be large, but we have enough cabinets / drawers for all utensils and provisions, a worktop with a stove and a sink, as well as a rotating shelf above the tabletop, perfect for drinks / snacks. From the kitchen, we have easy access to a large fridge, and optionally, the manufacturer gives you the option of ordering an oven and an absorber. Further on the deck, there is a separate shower, sink and toilet located on both sides. The whole can be separated by a door from the kitchen / living room and the bedroom at the back. We can talk about a real bathing room here. The center of the bedroom itself is a French bed measuring 147x190 cm, with steps on both sides to facilitate entry. On the sides there are wardrobes for clothes.

Euramobil Profila T 726 QF

Heating will be provided by ALDE water heating. Combined with less than 140-liter clean water reservoir and a 100-liter gray water tank, we get an equipment package that gives independence even in winter conditions. The battery with a capacity of 80Ah will take care of the supply of electricity, to which a second one with the same parameters can be optionally attached.

The interior looks modern visually - light colors of furniture called Chalet have been used, while the user can choose from 4 upholstery variants (Milano, Dara, Pisa and standard - Como). As befits a premium motorhome, the concept of atmospheric LED lighting has been carefully developed - it additionally affects the coziness and attractiveness of the interior.

Sprinter - a solid base

Euramobil Profila T 726 QF

The standard drive unit with 150 horsepower will cope with such a large car, but full comfort will be provided by an optional engine that is 20 horsepower more powerful. The equipment list also includes a modern 9-speed automatic transmission. The advantage appreciated by both experts and users is the degree of technological advancement and driving characteristics. Confident driving, assistance systems and multimedia - all this makes us feel like in a passenger car.

The manufacturer provided for the possibility of increasing the number of passengers and providing additional sleeping space. The optional GVW can be up to 4.5 tonnes. Such a modification gives not only a sense of peace in terms of payload, but also freedom in the selection of equipment.

The representative of the Euramobil brand is the ACK company from Kędzierzyn, whose offer includes many models of this manufacturer available immediately. Currently available vehicles can be seen in our motorhome search engine .

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Euramobil Profila T 726 QF - the new premium semi-integrated – image 2
Euramobil Profila T 726 QF - the new premium semi-integrated – image 3
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This article was prepared in cooperation with ACK Benimar
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