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For several years, SUVs have been one of the most popular segments (not only on the European market). In the class of universal vehicles, the Japanese are important players from the very beginning, serving functional, refined and durable structures. Virtually all of them will successfully replace the mid-range estate cars, often surpassing them in many categories. In addition to the beloved by Toyota RAV4 drivers, the Honda CRV is very popular - which especially in its latest incarnation attracts customers.

Exterior design

In the 90s, Japanese cars, with a few exceptions, could not boast of an interesting appearance. Today it is completely different. The fourth generation of Honda CRV appeared in the offer in 2011 , after three years it underwent a symbolic facelift. Designers refreshed the front apron with new headlights and a grille , and observant customers will also pay attention to new designs of aluminum rims. Of course , daytime running lights with LED technology (the taillights also with this technology) and the optional xenon headlights could not be missing . An interesting solution is the door that covers the entire threshold - thanks to this, when getting out of the car, we will not get dirty every time.

Interior for four

All Japanese cars from a few years ago suffer from a few common problems: cramped interior and low-quality finishing elements. The CRV IV definitely breaks with the past - high-shelf plastics were used to finish the cabin, they are soft to the touch and firmly fitted. What's more - the dashboard has been laid out ergonomically and with a sense of the aesthetics of Europeans. Analog clocks are supported by a readable on-board computer screen showing all important data on the engine's operation. The classic two-zone automatic climate control knobs are grouped on the central console, below the touch screen that supports multimedia and a rear view camera (which makes it very easy to maneuver). In terms of driving comfort, a Honda can impress. The front seats support the body in fast cornering, and do not tire during several hours of driving on the highway . Equally comfortable conditions can be found on the back seat, there is no room for anyone here for legs and head. The holiday packages will be consumed by a 589-liter trunk , with the folded down seat the capacity grows to 1,669 liters .

Modern diesel

Diesel-powered SUVs are the most popular among drivers, while the existing 150 HP Honda 2.2 i-DTEC oil hog has been pushing up the price of the CRV due to the high excise tax . On the occasion of the facelift, the Japanese introduced a new, small -engine 1.6 i-DTEC unit, available in two power variants . The weaker version of 120 HP is available only in combination with the front drive , the more powerful ( equipped with two turbochargers ) generates already 160 HP in cooperation with the attached four-wheel drive (the customer can choose between a manual six-speed gearbox or a nine-speed automatic ).

For a caravanner, the natural choice seems to be the stronger version, capable of towing a trailer with an overrun brake weighing up to 2,000 kg . Greater power and torque together with the 4x4 drive will significantly facilitate driving on more difficult terrain or overtaking on the road. Modern diesel, apart from its dynamics, also surprises with diesel consumption: about 7-8 in the city and 5-6 on the road, with a trailer a liter more . The prices of the weaker diesel version start from around PLN 100,000 .

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