Ilusion XMK 650HH - a house in a small space

Ilusion XMK 650HH - a house in a small space – main image

It is small, compact, and yet it surprises with its interior. You can feel like you are in a real home or a club with two rooms. Ilusion XMK 650HH will work well during a trip with friends and as a family camper.


If you are looking for a small car at a decent price, and at the same time one where you can rest comfortably in bad weather, the Ilusion XMK 650HH has a chance to meet your expectations.

For whom?

Ilusion XMK 650HH is a Citroen-based semi-integrated motorhome whose engines meet Euro 6 emission standards.

The car is 6.60 m long, 2.75 m high, 2.35 m wide. The car has 5 driving places and 5 sleeping places. Thanks to the appropriate design of the front spoiler, the car has good aerodynamics and is resistant to both front and side gusts of wind.


The small size ensures dynamics on the road and driving comfort. The inner line has been slightly rounded, while the roof is reinforced, so that hail or stronger rain is not a problem.

M2 with bathroom and kitchen

However, the interior is the most impressive. In the rear part , instead of the standard bedroom, we have a living room with a huge U-shaped sofa and a large table in the center. At the back, behind the sofa, as well as above the sofa, there are spacious lockers, which will certainly accommodate the things needed while relaxing at the campsite. At night, the living room turns into a bedroom with an electrically lowered double bed.


A mirror is hung above the sofa, which reflects the view from the windshield, which optically enlarges the space . The spacious wardrobe is also a big plus.


A spacious bathroom with a separate shower cubicle is located on the left side of the vehicle, between the living room and dining area. Opposite there is a kitchen with a large worktop surface and a 150-liter fridge with a separate freezer compartment. Cooking is not a problem thanks to the three-burner stove. Cabinets located above and below the worktop will allow you to store products and dishes needed to prepare meals. The window will facilitate ventilation.


The dining area consists of a table, swivel front seats, a couch and two side seats.


Thanks to many windows , including the roof window, the space is well-lit. The double bed is electrically lowered. The seats are covered with a stain-resistant Teflon upholstery. You can choose from 3 color sets: sahara, chocolate, graphite.


The outer rear and indirect lights as well as the interior lighting are made of LED technology. The control panel is located at the entrance door.


Ilusion XMK 650HH is an interesting solution for people who value space , even if more than two people travel in a motorhome. If you want to get additional information on the solutions used, it is worth contacting Camper Planet in Bielsko Biała, which is the distributor of the Ilusion brand in Poland.

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